100+ Free Adobe Lightroom Tutorials | Lightroom Presets for Photographers

We've put together this fantastic resource page for you!  We hope it will help you as you navigate and learn Adobe Lightroom.  This blog post is full of 100+ lightroom tutorials about Lightroom. Enjoy watching lightroom presets tips and tricks during our free lightrom trainings.  We hope you enjoy!

Also, be sure to check out our 70+ Free Photography Tutorials that we recently posted.  We hope both of these resources will save you time while using lightroom and encourage you in your photography business.

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  1. LR vs PS: Still not sure? 5 ways Lightroom will speed up your workflow
  2. Using the adjustment brush in Lightroom
  3. How are they different? RAW vs JPEG
  4. Customizing Your Presets
  5. Lightroom’s Magic Targeted Adjustment Brush
  6. Lightroom Workshop + Clean and Creative Editing Workshop
  7. Using Presets In Adobe Camera Raw
  8. Sharpening In Lightroom
  9. Brightness vs Exposure vs Fill Light in Lightroom
  10. How Lightroom’s Spot Healing Tool Saved My Life
  11. Creating web galleries in Lightroom
  12. Vibrance vs. Saturation in Lightroom
  13. Correcting Color—Just Where You Want It!
  14. How to Restore Old Photos in Photoshop and Lightroom
  15. Playing Favorites in Lightroom
  16. Reducing Noise in High ISO Photos
  17. 3 Ways To Add Contrast To Your Photos
  18. Learn now to use Vignetting in Lightroom
  19. How to use Graduated Filters in Lightroom
  20. Getting Started in Lightroom Mini-Workshop
  21. Memories N More Wedding Photography using Pretty Presets to edit
  22. Pretty Preset Brushes and Graduated Filters
  23. Overview of Lightroom Workshops To Go
  24. Learning about your Library and Develop Module
  25. Questions and Answers about the Lightroom 4 release
  26. Lightroom 4 - Changes to the Basic Panel
  27. Speeding up your workflow in Lightroom!
  28. How to use Lightroom 3 Presets in Lightroom 4
  29. Using Graduated Filters in Lightroom
  30. All about Light: Make lighting work for you, not against you!
  31. Lightroom 4--New Adjustment Panel Options
  32. Turning your Photos to Black and White in Lightroom
  33. Lightroom 4 -The new RGB Curve
  34. Lightroom Workshop To Go for Beginners (Lightroom 4)
  35. Clean and Creative Webinar for Beginners in Lightroom 4
  36. 4 Easy Steps for Creating a Watermark in Lightroom
  37. How to Customize the Spring Color, Flare & Haze Collection for JPEG!
  38. Introduction to Resizing in Lightroom
  39. Getting the Most Out of the New Video Feature in Lightroom
  40. Cropping in Lightroom
  41. Liberating Your Lightroom Files: Exporting
  42. Portfolio Building for Photographers
  43. The Rule of Thirds
  44. Dreamy Baby and Spring Color, Flare & Haze Edits
  45. Editing Newborns with Pretty Presets for Lightroom
  46. Histograms and Lightroom
  47. 5 Ways to Enhance a Boring Location
  48. Free Printable: Window Lighting Tips
  49. Time Travel in Lightroom [or All About Lightroom’s History Panel]
  50. Free Printable: Lightroom 4 Shortcuts
  51. Having Fun With the Pretty Preset’s Post Presets
  52. How to use Lightroom Presets, Brushes and Graduated Filters
  53. 3 Simple Steps to Using Your Lightroom 3 Pretty Presets in Lightroom 4
  54. Workflow Set + Free Webinar on Lightroom Presets, Brushes & Graduated Filters
  55. How to Fix Missing or Offline Photos in Lightroom
  56. The 2 Biggest Differences Between Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4
  57. 5 Tips for Working with the Graduated Filter
  58. Who’s Afraid of Lightroom 4 (And Why You Shouldn’t Be!)
  59. 5 Tips for Using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Tool
  60. 3 Ways to Rename Your Files in Lightroom
  61. 7 Free Presets for Sharpening in Lightroom
  62. 15 Frequently Asked Questions on Pretty Presets
  63. Best Lightroom Presets for Lightroom 4 and 5 - Top Selling Lightroom Presets
  64. Lightroom Presets: Pretty Pastels Collection for Lightroom 4
  65. How to Install Lightroom Presets and Lightroom Brushes
  66. RAW and JPEG: The Lowdown! {Part 1}
  67. RAW+JPEG: Should You? {Part 2}
  68. How to Handle RAW+JPEG in Lightroom? {Part 3}
  69. Lightroom Brushes: Learning about Flow and Density
  70. Top 5 Mistakes Made When Installing Lightroom Presets
  71. Quick Edits using Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters
  72. 3 Lightroom Settings to Change Right Now
  73. Lightroom: The Photographer’s Tool
  74. Pretty Presets Best Seller Bundle for Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5
  75. Top 5 Questions About Upgrading to Lightroom 5
  76. Resizing for Facebook in Lightroom
  77. The New Lightroom 5’s 4 Big Features
  78. 4 Lesser-Known New Features in Lightroom 5
  79. Lightroom 5 Presets | Workflow Collection
  80. Free Lightroom Webinar for Beginners
  81. Editing in Lightroom 5
  82. 5 Tips for Getting Started With Lightroom 5
  83. Editing Newborns in Lightroom using Pretty Presets
  84. What is DNG? And Why You Might Consider Using It
  85. Adding Copyright Metadata to Your Photos in Lightroom
  86. Lightroom 5 Healing and Cloning Tool Updates
  87. 3 Tips to Improving Your Workflow in Lightroom 5
  88. Top 3 Most Downloaded Lightroom Presets
  89. How to use Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters
  90. Don't have Lightroom? Start today!
  91. 3 Steps to Transfer Your Pretty Presets to a New Computer
  92. Customizing Your Presets
  93. 3 Reasons to Choose Brushes Whenever Possible
  94. Tips for Organizing your Presets
  95. Merging Lightroom Catalogs
  96. Editing In Lightroom
  97. How to Layer Lightroom Presets
  98. How to Edit Pictures in Lightroom
  99. Importing, Exporting and Using Watermarks in Lightroom
  100. A Creative Edit: From Drab to Fab
  101. 10 Ways To Maximize Your Lightroom Experience
  102. 5 Tips for Perfecting your Portrait Workflow
  103. Snapshots vs. Virtual Copies: When and Why to Use Each One
  104. How to Smooth Skin In Lightroom
  105. How to Whiten Eyes & Teeth in Lightroom
  106. A Simple Edit with Brushes and Presets
  107. Tips for Editing a RAW Image
  108. How to Enhance Eyes in Lightroom
  109. Lightroom for Beginners Webinar
  110. Intermediate Lightroom Class - Recorded Webinar
  111. A Nature Photo Edit in Lightroom
  112. How Lightroom’s Collections Can Save You Time
  113. Advanced Lightroom Webinar
  114. Fixing Under-Eye Circles in Lightroom
  115. What is a Lightroom Catalog?
  116. Did You Lose Something in Lightroom? How to Get it Back
  117. Lightroom Tool Tip—Mastering the Brush Tool