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Did You Lose Something in Lightroom? How to get it back!

We love Lightroom here.  But have you ever almost pulled your hair out because a part of it goes missing?  Here are some tips to help you find what might have gone missing!

1. Did You Lose the Toolbar?

There is a little Toolbar below the photos or grid of photos in Lightroom.  Depending on the module you are in or the tool you have selected, it shows different things.  And usually they are important things.

So you can imagine if the toolbar goes missing, it might be really frustrating.  Luckily, it is an easy fix.  Just press the letter “t” and it will magically appear again!

2. Missing a Filter Bar?

When you are in the Library Module, there are some handy little bars that help you filter images.  They are on the top and bottom of the photos.  Every once in a while one of these can go missing and drive you crazy.

The Library Filter is on top of your photos when you are in grid view.  If it goes missing you can click the “\” to get it back.  Also know that this Filter Bar is only available when you are in Grid View—and not when you are in Loupe View.  Pressing the “\” key while in Loupe View will take you back to Grid View and show you the Filter Bar.

The other Filter Bar you might find missing is located below your photo in the Library and Develop modules.  It holds your flags, stars, and color filters.  If it accidentally gets hidden, click on the word “Filter” to get it back.

3. Lost Your Pins?

Ever had those pesky pins from your Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter, or Radial Filter edits go missing?  Yep.  Me, too.  Usually it means that you accidentally pressed the “h” key.  Just press it again and they will reappear.

4. Looking for a Missing Module?

This one is a little less common.  But can you imagine how annoying it would be if you were missing one of your Module buttons?

To get the back (or to choose which ones you want to show), simply right-click on the Module bar and you check which ones you want to show.  Likely, the one you are missing is unchecked.

5. Want to Lose Your Info Display?

By default, Lightroom wants to show you the info for each photo you take in the upper-left hand corner of each photo.  But, maybe you find this annoying? Or it is blocking an important part of your image?  To make it go away, just type “i” to cycle through the info and eventually it will disappear.  Type the same key again and it will reappear.

6. Lose One of Your Panels?

Sometimes one of your panels goes missing and you find yourself urgently needing it back.  I mean, can you imagine the frustration if your Basic Panel suddenly wasn't there? To get back any of the missing panels, simply right-click on any of the other panels around it.  Make sure the panel you are missing has a checkmark by it and it will reappear!

Hope this helps to keep your sanity in Lightroom!

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