Free Sharpening Presets for Lightroom

Free Sharpening Presets for Lightroom

Free Sharpening Presets for Lightroom - Download Today!

Are sharp photos important to you?  They should be.  That's, why we're offering a free set of 8 awesome sharpening, presets that you can download today!

You can easily add them before exporting from Lightroom and are perfect for sharpening your photos before uploading to Social Media, Facebook, and Print.

These 8 free sharpening presets are available right now and will help you save time and create an easy shortcut for editing in Lightroom!

  • Floral and Landscapes Sharpening Preset
  • Portraits Soft Focus Sharpening Preset
  • Portraits Medium Focus Sharpening Preset
  • Portraits Strong Focus Sharpening Preset
  • Still Life Detail Sharpening Preset
  • Filter Low Sharpening Preset
  • Filter Medium Sharpening Preset
  • Filter Strong Sharpening Preset

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We've also included links to some of our best resources and most viewed blog posts for achieving sharper images in-camera.  Along with the free sharpening presets, these tutorials and cheat sheets will help you achieve amazingly sharp images.  We hope these tutorials and cheat sheets will be an encouragement to you: 

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          Download Free Sharpening Presets

          Free Lightroom Sharpening Presets

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