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Ready to Learn How to Use Lightroom?

We're so excited to offer you Lightroom 101: Mastering the Basics of Lightroom through our NEW Pretty Presets & Actions educational platform.  Immediately after you register you can access all of the workshop materials.  Your workshop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can learn at your own convenience.

LIGHTROOM IS THE MOST POPULAR PHOTO EDITING PROGRAM developed to help both hobbyist and professional photographers edit their images quickly and effectively as well as manage a growing collection of photos.

Our comprehensive 4-week Lightroom 101 workshop is designed to help you become comfortable with the basics of Lightroom, so you can confidently edit and manage images on your own.  Topics are broken down into easily manageable segments for an ideal learning experience and the materials are available to you at whatever pace you are most comfortable with!  In addition, each of the four week's lessons include a task to accomplish, so not only will you learn new skills, but you will be able to put what you learned into use for immediate reinforcement.

Have you ever thought to yourself...

  • I feel limited and want to expand my knowledge of Lightroom.
  • I want to use Lightroom more efficiently and know all the tools that will make my job easier.
  • I want to speed up my editing and save time.
  • I want to pursue photography full-time, but know I need to understand Lightroom better in order to offer irresistible photos to my clients.
  • I‚Äôm ready to take my editing to a whole new level.

Can you relate?  What if you could use Lightroom to expand your capabilities in the next 30 days?  Imagine all you could offer your clients and how that might affect your sales, client satisfaction, and referrals.  We want to help you get the ball rolling so that 2021 is your best year yet and help you build your business into something more than you thought possible!

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Lightroom 101 Course Outline


We start the first week with an introduction to Lightroom and a workspace overview.  Then we will show you how to get your images into Lightroom using the Import feature and how to use the Keyword and Collection tools to help you manage your catalog (all your images in Lightroom), both to simplify editing and help you quickly find those same images again a in a year or two.

  • Lightroom Workspace overview.
  • Importing and culling images in Lightroom.
  • How to Use Keywords and Collections.


The second week will cover the main panels included in the Lightroom Develop Module - what they do and how to use them to edit your photos.  Learn how to make basic but essential edits to your images using the Basic panel, add contrast with the Tone Curve panel, alter color tones using the Color Grading and HSL panels, increase sharpness and reduce noise using the Detail panel.

  • How to find and use the Develop Module.
  • Correcting exposure, adding contrast, and working with tone curves.
  • Sharpening and noise reduction.
  • Altering Color Tones with Color Grading and HSL.


In the third week, we will show you how to make edits that only affect a specific area of your image (also referred to as a local adjustment).  You will learn how to use adjustment brushes, graduated and radial filters for targeting particular areas (like sharpening eyes, whitening teeth, brightening a particular area of your image and more).  Learn how to remove blemishes or hide distracting objects using the handy Clone/Heal tool.  Finally, we will show you how to use the crop tool to change the perspective of your image and use the export function to create specific image ratios for printing.

  • Introduction to brushes and graduated filters.
  • Sharpening eyes, whitening teeth, and softening skin using brushes.
  • Fixing skin and concealing blemishes using brushes.
  • Removing distracting objects with clone/heal tool.
  • Cropping and straightening.


At this point in the workshop, you should feel much more comfortable editing, so this week, we focus on using time-saving tools like Lightroom Presets, custom Lightroom Brushes, how to use snapshots and create virtual copies for multiple versions of the same image, and syncing edits across multiple images.  Finally, we will show you how to properly export your image for best print and web use.

  • Editing with Lightroom Presets.
  • Editing with custom Lightroom Brushes.
  • Creating Snapshots and Virtual Copies.
  • Syncing edits across multiple images.
  • Exporting your images from Lightroom.


Adobe started with a single awesome Lightroom version, Lightroom Classic, but in recent years they've added 2 additional versions (Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile).  The bonus week's material will explain some of the version differences and also show you how to use the sync feature so you can access and edit your individual images in all 3 versions.  We've also included an additional bonus editing video using presets and custom brushes.

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Lightroom 101 Course Requirements:

Software: Creative Cloud, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom 4-6

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Location:  Online Course at your own pace

Time Commitment:  Approximately 1-2 hours per week

Materials:  All lessons are included in both written format and video tutorials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign-up for the Lightroom 101 Workshop?

You may register for the class at any time by clicking on the REGISTER button.

Q. After registration, how do I access the Workshop?

Immediately after you register you can access all of the workshop materials.  Your workshop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can learn at your own convenience.

Q. How long do I have to access the Workshop materials?

Once you register, you have ONE YEAR to access all materials on our site. All of the written course materials (pdfs) are available for download so you will have access to them forever.

Q. Which version of Lightroom do I need for this Workshop?

As for following the steps shown in the videos, you will get the most out of the workshop if you are using a laptop or desktop with Lightroom Classic installed.

Q. What will this workshop teach me?

There are so many tools and abilities in Lightroom Classic that you may not even realize!  We'll teach you how to manage your photos, edit your photos and create content in Lightroom, too. If you're using Lightroom CC (the app) you can still benefit. We highly recommend Lightroom Classic as it gives you so many tools to enhance your work. Think of it this way! Lightroom CC is like a Ford Escort and Lightroom Classic is a Ferrari, and you get to learn how to drive the Ferrari with Lightroom 101. So exciting! Be sure to look through the lessons above to review everything we cover.

Q. How will this workshop help me if I can already do some basic editing in Lightroom?

Basic editing in Lightroom is a wonderful start, but there are so many fantastic tools often under-used. Tools that can save you so much time every day! This workshop explains all the main aspects to photo management, organization, and processing (editing) so that you can utilize more of those tools and be confidently in control. You're going to love this workshop and all we've included!

Q. Which Lightroom is this workshop for?

This workshop is dedicated to the Ferrari of Lightroom versions... Lightroom Classic. We do go over Lightroom CC and Lightroom mobile in the bonus section, but the material in all four lessons focuses on Lightroom Classic. You can go to the top of your Lightroom and click on Help and then System Info to see what version you're using. 

Q. What device is needed to complete this workshop?

You can stream the lesson videos on any device (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone) and view/download the notes on laptops or desktops as well as phones or tablets, if the device has that ability.


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