You have the awesome Pretty Preset brushes and you love them, use them every time you edit. You are going on down the editing yellow brick road happily and merrily when one day your brushes stop working! What could be the problem; they were just working yesterday!

What you are experiencing (or may experience in the future) is a common problem that has a very easy fix.

The brush flow and/or density has been turned down.

What the heck is "flow" and "density?"

  • Flow controls how much of the brush effect you see with every stroke of your mouse. The more you brush over an area, the more of the effect that you will see. Flow has a cumulative effect; keep brushing and more is applied.
  • Density controls how much of the brush effect that is allowed through at all. It is like a credit limit on a credit card. When you move the density slider to a point, like 50, then only 50% of the brush effect will show through. Period. Keep brushing but the effect will not increase.

The screen print above shows where the flow and density sliders are and what it looks like when they are reduced. Check yours each time you use your brushes and make sure they are where they need to be for the edit you are trying to achieve.

Below is a quick video illustrating the issue, if it helps to see it in action.

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