Adding Copyright Metadata to Your Photos in Lightroom

How to Add Copywrite to Photos in Lightroom

How to Add Copyright Metadata to Photos in Lightroom

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about watermarking.  In addition to watermarking your photos in Lightroom, you can also embed copyright information into the metadata of your image files to further state that you are the owner of an image. 

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind in regards to metadata (also sometimes referred to as EXIF data):

  • Metadata can be removed
  • Metadata is not visible on your image.
  • While metadata is useful, it is not as effective as a good watermark for preventing your photos from being shared/printed/altered without your permission.

With that said, metadata IS useful, and you can easily apply it to your images in Lightroom by creating a metadata preset.  A metadata preset is a quick and easy way to apply it to all of your images in Lightroom in a matter of milliseconds!

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How to Create a Metadata Preset

1.  In your Library tab, on the right-hand side of your screen, scroll down to the Metadata tab, and click on the drop-down menu next to Preset.

Lightroom Metadata

2.  Here, you can enter pretty much any type of metadata information you want, as there are a lot of categories!

3.  To enter the copyright information, scroll down to the IPTC Copyright section.  Check the IPTC copyright box and fill in the copyright information you want.  I like to start with the © symbol followed by my name.

Tip: To make the © symbol on a PC, hold down the Alt key while typing the numbers 0169 on your right-hand number pad.  On a Mac, type Option/Alt + G. You can also copy and paste it from this blog post.

Lightroom Copywrite Metadata Example

4.  When finished, click Done and choose “Save As” in the dialog box.  Name your copyright preset “© Gayle Vehar” for example and click Done.

How to Add this Metadata Preset on Import

To apply a preset on import, go to the Import dialog.  You can do this quickly by pressing Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + I.  Once in the Import Dialog, find the "Apply During Import" panel.  Under the Metadata section choose the new preset that you created.  This preset will be applied to images you import.  Once you have chosen this preset to be applied, it will automatically be remembered for future imports and only be changed if you do it manually.

Copyright Metadata Preset

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