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Using Lightroom's Hue Panel to Green-Up Grass

The HSL panel in Lightroom isn't one that often gets talked about or sees lots of use—especially the Hue section of that panel.  Moving the sliders in the Hue Panel can create some interesting color shifts that are unnatural and crazy.

But this tool also has some amazing super powers when it comes to subtly changing the color of the grass and sky to better fit your vision for the photograph.

Watch this video or follow the steps below to learn how you can change dead grass to a more healthy green or over-exposed mid-day sun grass to a prettier color of green!

Where To Locate the Hue Panel

The HSL Panel is found just under the Tone Curve Panel.  HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. When you open the panel, it will look something like this.

You'll see the words Hue, Saturation, Luminance, and all across the top.  The sliders will look slightly different depending on which one of those words you have clicked on and have highlighted.  By clicking on All, you will be able to see all the panels in order on top of each other.

The Hue Panel is the one we are going to be using today, so click on that panel to see it's sliders.

The Targeted Adjustment Tool

The Targeted Adjustment Tool is an amazing tool that is often overlooked in Lightroom.  This tool has the ability to "target" specific colors and tones in your image and apply changes only to those.  This tool is super helpful for adjusting the the grass.

As you click on it, you will know it is active because two small arrows will appear above and below the small circle.  Once it is active you can move over to your image and click + drag up or down on specific areas to adjust the hue of the colors you are clicking on.

Clicking + Dragging upward will case the sliders affecting the colors you are clicking on to move towards the right.  Clicking + Dragging downward will case the sliders affecting the colors you are clicking on to move towards the left.

Changing the Grass to Green

To change the grass from yellow to green, you will want to move your cursor over a patch of grass and then click + drag upward.  You will see the grass start to change from a yellow color to a more green color.  The change will be subtle but obvious.  

Hopefully these tips help you better your editing skills and get the most out of Lightroom!



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