5 Must-Know Shortcuts for Lightroom's Brush Tool | Pretty Presets Lightroom tutorial

Here at Pretty Presets we are all about saving you time so that you can spend more time with those you love and less time on the computer.  Shortcuts are another way that you can save time in Lightroom.

These 5 Lightroom shortcuts for the brush tools are MUST-KNOW!

Lightroom Adjustment Brush Tool Shortcuts

K—Open the Brush Tool/Close the Brush Tool

This is the most basic shortcut you need to know and it will save you from having to click the "Done" button or clicking "Close".  All you need to do is type the "K" key to open the Brush Tool and then type the "K" key again to close the Brush Tool.

H—Hide/Show Pins

Comes in super handy when you are using the Brush tool on several spots on your subject (especially over the eyes) and the brush pins are starting to drive you nuts or freak you out because they are on the eyes.  You can hide all those pins by just pressing the "H" key and when you want them to show up again, tap the same key a second time!

[ and ]—Change the Brush Size

If you aren't using this one then using brushes on your photo is likely taking you WAY too much time.  Just use the left and right bracket keys to change the size of your brush quickly.  In just a few seconds you can go from a brush small enough to use on the eyes to one large enough to use on the background.  The right bracket key (]) makes your brush bigger and the left bracket key ([) makes your brush smaller!

O—Show the Overlay

When I am using brushes on my photo, lots of times I want to see where I am brushing and if I am brushing where I shouldn't be.  The brush overlay is fantastic for this.  But there are also times when the overlay drives me nuts.  Being able to tap the "O" key to see the overlay saves me lots of time hunting for that little check-box that turns it on in Lightroom.  HUGE timesaver!

Alt/Option Key—Change the Brush to Eraser

When using brushes on your image, there will be times when you end up brushing over areas that you didn't want the brush to be.  Instead of deleting the pin and starting over, just press and hold the Alt/Option key while you are brushing and your brush will turn into an eraser so that you can erase the brush off any areas that you accidentally hit.  You'll know you have an eraser tool when the + in the center of the brush turns into a - sign!

Begin saving time today with these few simple shortcuts for Lightroom's Adjustment Brush Tool!