This little tool has changed my photos! It is so simple, yet makes such a big impact on my final images. So, what is this magic button that will make everything brighter? It is the “Enable Profile Corrections” button under the Lens correction sections of the Develop module.

The ONLY difference between the two photos above is the button I promise! See how much brighter the second image is? The main reason for that is that Lightroom stores information about our lenses and cameras, and automatically recognizes the vignetting your lens create, and it gives you a clean look like your eyes see it, and not what your camera sees after the lens has cast a vignette on it. Vignetting is the darkening of the edges of an image. You can add vignetting for a dramatic look, it makes all the edges darker, and it can be a great tool to focus on your subject.

This may not be what you want if you like your images to be very bright. The difference is very small, but can you see how the whites look whiter and not gray on the second photo? What makes a great edit is many small tweaks that enhance the natural colors of what you captured, a lot of small changes that make a big impact are a nice way to avoid over-editing.

If you love the look of your images after applying profile corrections, you can set it as an import preset, so all of your images will import with the changes already applied to it! If you don’t want to set up an import preset, you can implement the lens corrections to multiple images, here’s how:

  • Once you have an image, you’re happy with and want to apply it to more, select that image and right clock on it (with your mouse).
  • Then select the Develop Settings > Copy Settings as shown below. Make sure at least the Lens Correction AND the Process version are checked. (If you click on any other check marks, you will copy all of the settings from the current image to all the selected images)
  • Now that you selected all of the changed you want to copy, select all of the pictures you want to apply it to. You can select images by clicking on it if you want to select multiple images, hold the CTRL+SHIFT buttons and click to select everything in between the first picture and the last picture of your choice.
  • Then, click CTRL+V or with your mouse right click > Develop Settings > Paste Settings. That is it! Lightroom will apply all of the checked boxes to the images you selected.
  • TIP: To deselect images, just click on the gray area around any image on the filmstrip.

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