10 Free Lightroom Print Templates

10 Free Lightroom Print Templates

10 Free Lightroom Templates Just for You!

We're so excited to have created this Lightroom Template Bundle for you!  These completely FREE Lightroom Print Templates are a fun way to create collages of photos to share on Facebook, your blog or website.

Something I really appreciate about our private Pretty Presets group (which you should join HERE) is the wonderful feedback we receive.  So many great ideas are shared on how we can help you enhance your business.  Whether it be through blog posts, the webinar material or through our Lightroom products.

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Lightroom Print Templates were one of those ideas that was shared with us - and we were happy to oblige.  These templates are not only fun to use, but will save you the time of having to run to Photoshop to create them.

Click on the button below to download our 10 Lightroom Print Templates!  This download also includes instructions for both PC and Mac and you can also read the installation instructions below.


How to Use Free Lightroom Templates Video Tutorial

Here ae 4 additonal tips that will help you get the most out of using our print templates:

Tip 1. Installing our Free Lightroom Templates

Installing print templates in Lightroom is similar to installing any other type of preset.  Just follow these directions:

  • First, unzip the file you just downloaded and copy the folder that has the .lrtemplate files inside.
  • Next, navigate to the folder you will copy them into.  To find this folder go to Preferences (on a mac choose Lightroom>Preferences and on a PC choose Edit>Preferences).  Choose the Presets tab at the top.  Then click on “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”.  You’ll need to double-click on the folder that is already highlighted.  Inside that folder you will find a folder called Print Templates.
  • Finally, double-click on that folder and paste your copied folder inside.  For a visual demonstration of installing your templates or for problems you might have on install, watch the install video below.

Tip 2. Utilizing Lightroom Collections

Lightroom Collections are the easiest way to access your photos in all the different Lightroom modules.  If you aren’t using Lightroom Collections, you will only have access to the photos in the one folder that you have open at the time.  When making a Facebook Timeline, you’ll likely want photos from more than one folder, so making a collection is the best option.

4 Tips for Using Print Templates in Lightroom

Collections are easily made in the Library Module.  Just click on the plus sign “+” at the top of the Collections Panel.  Then choose “Create Collection” from the options.  Name your collection and tell Lightroom if you want it to go inside a Collection Set.  You can also have it place all the photos you already have selected in this collection and even choose to have this collection available to Lightroom Mobile.

Tip 3. Moving Photos Around Within the Template

What I get the most questions about is how to move photos around once they have been placed inside the Lightroom template.  This is super easy to do, but not very obvious HOW to do it in Lightroom.  All you need to do is hold down CTRL/CMD and then click and drag on the photo you want to move.  Viola!!

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Tip 4. Saving Your Creation

Saving the photo collage you just created isn’t as easy as clicking on a button. But the button isn’t always obvious to everyone!  Once you have a template created, choose the “Print to File” button on the bottom-right.  That will give you a dialog box that will ask you to name the file and tell Lightroom where to save it. Easy!

4 Tips for Using Print Templates in Lightroom

Extra Tip: I think that most files saved for the web look best with the Print Sharpening turned off.  You can turn off Print Sharpening in the Print Job Panel!

Troubleshooting Print Templates in Lightroom

Free Lightroom Training Access

You can also access our past Lightroom Training Webinars in one easy location!  We'll be updating this regularly.  If you miss a webinar, don't worry.  Just come here and catch up.  Most of these now come with free notes as well.  Some of the topics covered: Workflow Start to Finish, Mastering the Brush and Graduated Filter in Lightroom, 5 Tips for Saving Time in Lightroom, Editing Skin Tones in Lightroom, Lightroom for Beginners, Advanced Lightroom and more!  View our free lightroom training here.

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Do you have any questions or comments about our Free Lightroom Print Templates?  Leave us a comment below - we would LOVE to hear from you!  And PLEASE SHARE our free templates using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)! 

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