10 Free Lightroom Print Templates


We're so excited to have this Lightroom Template Bundle for you!  It's completely free and includes templates for Facebook and your blog.  Something I appreciate about our private group on Pretty Presets (which you should join HERE) is the feedback we receive.  So many great ideas are shared on how we can enhance your business.  Whether it be through blog posts, the webinar material or through products.  One idea that was shared, was the idea of Lightroom Print Templates.  These templates are not only fun to use, but will save you the time of having to run to Photoshop.  

Click on the button below to download. They include instructions for a PC and Mac, too!


Video on Using Lightroom Templates

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Access our past webinars in one easy location! We'll be updating this regularly. If you miss a webinar, don't worry. Just come here and catch up. Most of these now come with free notes as well. Some of the topics covered: Workflow Start to Finish, Mastering the Brush and Graduated Filter in Lightroom, 5 Tips for Saving Time in Lightroom, Editing Skin Tones in Lightroom, Advanced Lightroom Webinar, Lightroom for Beginners and more!  View our free lightroom training here.

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