A Visual Guide to Cropping (Getting the Perfect Crop, Every Time)

Visual Guide to Cropping Photos

Why Cropping Is So Important

Choosing the correct crop, whether its in camera while you are shooting, or in post-processing when you edit (cropping in Photoshop or Lightroom), can completely make or break your image. While it may seem like a small detail, cropping is often the detail that will take your images from looking sloppy to professional just by slightly moving your camera.

Where To Crop

Below is a visual guide for you to see a few places where (and where not!) to crop on a subject who is standing, facing the camera. These guidelines can also be applied to a subject who is sitting, or in a closeup shot. The green lines represent points that are safe to crop, while the red lines indicates the no-crop zone. 

The main takeaway? Don't crop too close to joints such as ankles, knees, hips and elbows - leave a bit of room in those areas, or your crop will just look a bit "off." Also, be sure not to chop off parts such as fingers - either include the whole hand, or no hand at all - but don't crop in the middle of a hand!

How to Crop Photos


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