If you are like me and enjoy printing your images, you are going to love the Print module in Lightroom! The Print module gives you the option to select from a list of print templates, or use your own print specifications. For this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to make a standard 8X10 print using the Print module. 

Select the image you would like to print, and then navigate to the Print module. Select Single Image/Contact Sheet, since we are only printing one photo:

Leave the Zoom to Fill box UNCHECKED, as this will prevent Lightroom from clipping the image in order to fill the page. Rotate to Fit is also unchecked in this scenario, simply because the image is vertical. If the image were horizontal, I would want to check Rotate to Fit in order for the image to fit on the page without clipping.

Under Margins, I have moved all 4 sliders all the way to the left, because I want my margins to be as small as possible. 

Under Page Grid, I have selected 1 Row and 1 Column since we are printing a single image:

For Cell Size, I have selected 8X10 inches. That is the size I want the image area of my print to be:

For Print Resolution, I always like to use the highest ppi possible, even when printing small. I use 300 ppi without fail:

This next bit is a bit complex, and an entire blog post could be written on color management alone, but for now, let’s look at the absolute basics. 

Under Color Management, click on the Up/Down arrows next to Profile. You have the option to select Managed by Printer or other.
If you are using a premium photo paper by Canson, Ilford, Red River, Epson, etc., you will be blessed with the luxury of a beautiful thing called an ICC Profile! ICC profiles are downloaded onto your computer through the paper manufacturer’s website, and can usually be found by doing an internet search for your paper + “ICC profile.”

The ICC profile will ensure that your prints will be as close to what you see on your computer monitor as humanly (mechanically?) possible. You know how sometimes your prints look totally different than the image on your monitor? That is most often the result of the color management in your printer and the paper you are using just not working together. Having an ICC profile made specifically for your printer/paper combo will help minimize bad print jobs, saving you money by using less paper and less ink.

If you do not have an ICC profile for your paper and printer, then simply select Printer Manages Colors.

If you do have a custom ICC profile, click the Up/Down arrows, select Other, and you will see this box:

I am using Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag paper, and have downloaded/installed the profile from their website that matches my paper and printer, and it appears in this dialogue box. Check the correct profile for your paper.

Once you have selected your Color Management (either Managed By Printer or custom ICC “Other” profile) press the Print button, and you are set.

Also note: when you are in the Print module, on the left hand side of your screen you will see print templates of varying sizes. There is an 8X10 template, however, for this tutorial I chose to use my own, custom settings because I prefer to have smaller margins than the Lightroom template for 8X10 provides: