Fixing Under Eye Circles in Lightroom

Under-eye circles - everyone has them. Sometimes lighting and/or direction can cause them to look worse than they really are, so a bit of editing is called for to reduce them.

I will be honest, I used to take every image that needed under-eye circle help to Photoshop Elements because I didn't think the circles could be helped in Lightroom. Then along came the custom brushes from Pretty Presets, with one specifically for under-eye circles and I was hooked!

To reduce under-eye circles on a person first activate your brush tool either by clicking 'b' on your keyboard or by clicking the brush icon on the right-hand side of the Develop module. Then click on the word next to "Effect," and scroll down until you see the brush.

With many of the brushes, I adjust the flow (how much of the change comes through) each time I use them because my subject may need less than the full effect. However with the under eye circle brush, I seldom have to reduce the flow.

Make sure the feather is set to medium-high. If you don't know, the feather is how much the effect blends into the pixels around the area you brush.

Click your mouse in a spot you'd like to start, then hold down the mouse and cover the area under both eyes. If they are still prominent, click NEW in the brush panel and do another swipe over the circles. You can always soften the skin after working on the eyes with the "Portrait Skin Smooth" brush at the end, too. Below is a quick video tutorial showing how to use the under-eye circle brush.

Fixing Under Eye Circles in Lightroom

Fixing Under Eye Circles in Lightroom

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