Lightroom FAQ

Q.  Can I use these presets in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, the Lightroom mobile app and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)?

A. Yes! You can use all of our Pretty Presets in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, the Lightroom mobile app and Adobe Camera Raw. Our presets, with the exception of the Evolution Series, can also be used in the stand-alone version of Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 6. Our brushes can be used in Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic.

Q.  How do I install my presets?

A. We have a whole page just to help you with installing your presets.  Learn how to install your presets into Lightroom here.  Instantly download the instructions for installing presets and brushes.

Q. How do I install my brushes?

A. You can get step-by-step instructions to installing brushes here.  Also, check out this great blog post: 6 Questions About Lightroom's Brush Tool You're Too Afraid to Ask.

Q. What are profiles and how do I install them?
A. Profiles are an incredible new tool we have! Here is a great tutorial on using profiles in Lightroom

Q. Can I use these presets in Lightroom and sync to Lightroom mobile?

All of our presets can be used in Lightroom CC and SYNCED to Lightroom mobile. However, if you're using Lightroom Classic, they can't be synced to mobile. With the exception of our Millennium Collections! Our Millennium Collections can be used on mobile and in Lightroom Classic or CC. They come with DNG files and XMP files for both platforms! 

Q. How can I recover my preset purchases if I've lost them?

A. You can click here to access all your orders.  Use your username and password to access all your purchases.  If you're not sure of your password, you can reset it in seconds. If you'd like to go back to the download page for each of your purchases then please click here for those to be resent.

Q. I have the Creative Cloud.  Will these presets work?

A. Yes, our presets will work great with your Lightroom platform that is included with your Creative Cloud subscription!  Currently, there is Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC - Which version is right for me?

Q. What if I change computers?  How can I move my presets.

A. You can move your presets by backing them up to the storage device of your choosing.  You could put them on a CD for instance and then bring the CD to the new computer and upload them to Lightroom that way.  We also have a great tutorial here on how to transfer presets from one computer to another.

Q. Do you have presets that will work in Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and the Creative Cloud?

A. Yes, all of our presets, with the exception of the Evolution series, will work in Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC.

Q. How do I know if I shoot RAW or jpeg images?

A. We have a great tutorial about this here. It shares how RAW and jpeg are different and what they offer you. Most people are shooting jpeg unless they are going into their camera to manually select RAW. Read more here about Raw vs jpeg!  All of our presets work on both raw and jpeg images.

Q. Are all of your downloads instant?  Do I receive anything in the mail?

A. Yes, all of our downloads are instant.  They are available after payment is complete, another link is sent to your email address on file, and you can also access them from your account here on Pretty Presets.  There are 3 ways to enjoy your purchase!

Q. How do I create an account on the website?

A. As you make your first purchase it will ask for your name and address. You will then be able to confirm your information and new account after you have completed payment.  The account will then be setup and you will receive a confirmation email.  There is always the option to complete the purchase as a "guest" too. Please let us know how we can help!

Q. How do I apply a discount or gift card?

A. You will be able to enter it before checking out.  You will find it right under your products in your cart.  It will say "Have a discount code?  Click here to enter it".  

Q. What if I lose my presets?

A. Once you have purchased our presets and downloaded them to your computer, you are responsible for backing up your purchase.  We recommend backing them up to an external hard drive, USB drive, or your favorite cloud service. If you cannot locate your preset files after a hard drive crash or when changing computers, we will attempt to assist you.  However, the links can not be reissued.  Please be sure to backup your investment today!  We have great tutorials on how you can easily do this on our blog. Please make sure to back them up through one of these sources or to a external hard drive or thumb drive. We have a tutorial on doing that here.  

Q. I currently operate with the month to month subscription of lightroom.  I would love to order one of your presets however I am wondering if it will work on my programing?

A. Yes, our presets will work on your month-to-month program. Not a problem at all. You always have 3 downloads available, too. I encourage you to save one download to your computer for future use as well. Enjoy!

Q. Do you offer any free training?

A. Yes, we love offering free lightroom training often! Be sure to join our mailing list to be notified first. Also, check out some of our most recent lightroom training here.