Editing with Illuminate Lightroom Preset Collection

Editing with Illuminate Lightroom Presets

Editing with the Illuminate Lightroom Presets Collection

Attention PRETTIES! Pretty Presets for Lightroom has done it again! We have created something completely new and innovative for Lightroom users to add beautiful light infusions to their images and we could not be more excited to share it with all of you!

Get ready to discover the new Illuminate Collection for Lightroom. These Lightroom presets allow you to effortlessly add rainbow halos, a variety of lens flares, moveable sun glows and so much more with just one click of your mouse! Yes, we’re talking about realistic light effects in Lightroom. Do we have your attention now? We thought so!

The set includes a wide variety of organic looking lens flares, halos, and optical light enhancements to choose from, including both subtle and dramatic varieties to fit to fit just about any outdoor image. Now that’s something to talk about!

Would you like to see the Illuminate presets in action? Let’s edit a few images together.

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Illuminate Edit #1

Let's start with this image, already fully edited. All it needs is the perfect finishing touch from the new Illuminate collection for Lightroom of course.

Illuminate Lightroom Presets

We chose the Diffuse Multicolor preset for this image. This preset choice was a tough one because many looked great, but once we clicked on this one and saw how it lit up our image it was love at first sight. To apply the preset, we just chose our favorite of the forty five different enhancements and clicked on it to apply and voila - it applied to the image!  Yes, it is really that simple - and FUN!

Editing with Illuminate Lightroom Presets

We almost feel like we cheated with that last edit because it was just too easy!

Illuminate Edit #2

Who wants to see another edit? OK, let’s play with this image, already edited and awaiting a magical touch from...you guessed it, the Illuminate Collection!

Light Overlays for Lightroom

We chose Bokeh Flare 1 to add to this image. Like a lot of the other presets we can maintain control by having the choice to pick either left or right orientations.

For this particular image, we chose to have the flare come in from the right side because that is the direction the natural light is coming from.

Adding Light with Illuminate Presets

We could just keep going with the before and after examples from the Illumunate Collection, but we know that you are just as excited to start playing as we are to share it with all of you! You can find the Illuminate Collection here.

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