Free Resources for Backing Up Your Photos and Lightroom Presets to the Cloud

It has happened to all of us.  The inevitable computer crash!  We don’t plan on it.  We try to avoid it.  We always feel bad when it happens to others.  We pray it never happens to us.  But it has.  And it probably will again. 
What does a computer crash mean for your presets and other important documents?  Hopefully, by now you have made plans for your important documents either by having them backed up to another drive or off-site.  But I know that many of you haven't even thought about backing up your stuff let alone all your precious presets, so today I thought I would share with you a few easy ways to back them up “to the cloud.”  Did I mention they are all FREE? 
In case no one has explained it to you, the cloud is the internet.  And you can have files backed up to a site on the internet.  There are three sites that are available to everyone that I have used to back up files.  Each offers a bit of free space to users and allows users to purchase additional space as needed. 

Backing up your presets in dropbox


Dropbox is super easy to use and allows you to sync 2 GB of files with your computer and other devices (using an app.)  When you install the bit of software on your computer it adds a folder.  Everything in this folder is automatically backed up to “the cloud” and is accessible from any devices that you connect to it.  A great place to back up files you would want quick access to if your hard drive crashed. 

Free Resources for Backing Up Your Photos and Lightroom Presets to the Cloud


The service I have been using the longest is  It gives 5 GB of free space to new users and has its own app and bit of software that allow you to sync files from your computer and phone.  It is simple to upload and download files.  It is even integrated with Google Docs/Drive.  A great option for uploading and storing your presets online!

Free Resources for Backing Up Your Photos and Lightroom Presets to the Cloud

Google Drive 

Google Drive is part of one of the largest companies on the planet but it’s file sharing side is relatively new.  Since it is so new, I am just starting to really like it and what it is able to do.  Users get 5 GB of free space and if you want to purchase more, Google’s prices are the most competitive out there.  You can upload any files that you want as well as create new documents, presentations, etc.  One neat thing about Google Drive is that even if I upload a Photoshop file (.psd), Google drive is able to preview that file when I click on it.  

Happy Backing Up!