How to Reorder Lightroom Brushes

Are All Your Lightroom Brushes Mixed Up After the Recent CC Update?

A couple of weeks ago a customer alerted me to a problem with her brushes after running an update to Lightroom CC. I did the update myself, and experienced the exact same problem.

Before the update, the brushes stayed together alphabetically. After the update, they were listed in no specific order. So when your Perfect Portrait or Enchanted Garden brushes used to be together, they were not mixed in amongst other brushes.

Fixing Your Lightroom Brushes After the Update

There is actually a very easy fix for this - go into the Local Adjustments Folder, where they were copied when you installed them and put them into folders. You'll need to create a folder, then move the brushes into them. Below are screenshots to illustrate.

Lightroom brushes all mixed up after update

The brushes will still look "in order" in the Local Adjustment Presets folder, which makes putting them in folders easier. You can either make the folder and drag each grouping to the particular folder. Or, you can highlight the groupings, then make the folder, choosing to "include selected items."

Creating folders for Lightroom Brushes

Lightroom brushes put in separate folders within Local Adjustments folder

Lightroom brushes now correctly in order after creating folders

To help a bit further I created a short, and SILENT, video tutorial. It shows the unordered brushes. Then you will see me making folders for the brushes, and the result after restarting Lightroom. 

** The featured image at the top was edited with one-click using the Blueberry Lemonade preset from the Bomb Pop collection.

Correcting Misordered LR Brushes - Video Tutorial

*** This is a silent video. No audio.

Do you have any questions or comments for me about fixing your scrambled Lightroom brushes? Leave me a comment below - I would love to hear from you! And please share our tutorial using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)!