70 Free Photography Tutorials

Here's a fantastic opportunity to catch up on some of the photography tutorials you may have missed out on or refresh on some of your past favorites.  Within this list we share a lot of fantastic tips for photographers and hobbyists alike.  Enjoy learning more about adobe lightroom, client shoots, editing, manual mode, lighting, seasonal photography, and so much more! Also, be sure to check out our other resource page if you haven't already.  It's all about saving you time in Lightroom.  Check out our 100+ Free Lightroom Tutorials here.  

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  1. 10 Steps Towards a Fun Client Shoot
  2. LR vs PS: Still not sure? 5 ways Lightroom will speed up your workflow
  3. 4 Tips for Sharper Images
  4. First Newborn Photoshoot, From a Photographer Who Mainly Photographs Adults
  5. Bokeh Tips and Tricks
  6. 15 Everyday Items That Belong in Your Camera Bag
  7. Finding the Perfect Location for your Portrait Session
  8. 8 Tips For Becoming the Perfect Second Shooter
  9. What are Aperture and Shutter Speed?
  10. Making filters work to your advantage
  11. 7 Steps to a Successful Boudoir Session
  12. Why Do Photographers Who Own DSLRs Take So Many Photos on Their Phones?
  13. How to take a Self Portrait
  14. How to Photograph a Silhouette
  15. 4 Easy Tips for Taking Advantage of the Golden Hour
  16. The Rule of Thirds
  17. Six Important Things I Have Learned in the Past Two Years
  18. Experimenting With Focus
  19. 5 Ways to Enhance a Boring Location
  20. Rediscovering My Love of Photography
  21. You Might Be A New Photographer If...
  22. 6 Tips to Better Beach Photography
  23. Why Use a Tripod?
  24. RAW+JPEG: Should You? {Part 2}
  25. What Accessories Are You Missing Out On?
  26. Tips and Tricks to taking Black and White Photos
  27. 4 Tips to Instantly Make Your Photography Look More Professional: Part I
  28. 4 Tips to Instantly Make Your Photography Look More Professional: Part II
  29. 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures in the City
  30. What Kind of Camera Gear Do I Need?
  31. Maximizing the Light for Indoor Lifestyle Photos
  32. 3 Mistakes and Lessons Learned as a Photographer
  33. Back Button Focusing Tips
  34. How Can Spot Metering‏ Help You?
  35. What Is White Balance?
  36. Should I Watermark My Images?
  37. How To Recover Deleted Files
  38. Don't Stop Documenting Your Life
  39. 4 Things Being a Bride Taught Me about Wedding Photography
  40. Monitor Calibration: Is Your Monitor Calibrated?
  41. 6 Tips to Photographing Your Clients in Public
  42. How To Get Started With Freelensing
  43. What Digital Camera Should I Buy?
  44. Full Frame vs Crop Sensor - Which One is Right For You?
  45. 9 Lessons Learned As A New Wedding Photographer
  46. Challenge: Give the Kids the Camera
  47. Backlight: Illumination from Behind
  48. 6 On-Camera Flash Tips
  49. Introduction to Newbie Chronicles: Tips for the Novice Photographer
  50. The Newbie Chronicles: Legal Advice for Photographers
  51. The Newbie Chronicles: Shooting in Manual
  52. 5 Tips for Photographing Fall
  53. 5 Tips for Taking Photographs in the Snow
  54. Tips and Tricks to Pet Photography
  55. How to use your HD Video on your DSLR
  56. 7 Tips to Capturing the Details
  57. Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash: Part One
  58. Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash: Part Two
  59. 5 Photography Tips for Beginners: Part One
  60. 5 Photography Tips for Beginners: Part Two
  61. 5 Posing Solutions for Every Photographer
  62. 6 Tips For Your Boudoir Session
  63. How to Photograph Your Own Children
  64. Photographing Your Kids: Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Your Kids and Family
  65. Top 6 Posing Apps for Photographers
  66. Can You Photograph People in the Harsh Midday Sun?
  67. 3 Tips for Gaining More Referrals
  68. Tips for Editing a RAW Image
  69. Discovering Your Newborn Lifestyle Photography
  70. What to Wear to a Photo Shoot + A Free Shopping Guide
  71. 3 Reasons You To Start A Photo Project
  72. 5 Tips for Photographing During Summer Months
  73. The Art of iPhoneography: Documenting Everyday Life
  74. The Newbie Chronicles: Shooting in Manual
  75. Free Download: Getting Started With Your DSLR 101
  76. 4 Tips for Sharper Images

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