How to Layer Lightroom Presets

How to Layer Lightroom Presets

Layering Lightroom Presets

Not ALL presets can be layered.  But, Pretty Presets for Lightroom has several Workflow Preset Collections that have presets that can be layered or stacked together.  Today I want to show you how the presets from these workflow sets can be layered together to create a beautiful custom looks for to your photos. 

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Here are the Collections from our store that are layerable:

  1. Clean Edit Portrait Workflow
  2. Luminous Collection
  3. Pretty Film Bohemian (Layer with the Pretty Film Toolkit or other Post Presets)
  4. Pretty Film Pastels (Layer with the Pretty Film Toolkit or other Post Presets)
  5. Bomb Pop Collection (included Post Presets)
  6. Bella Baby Collection (included Workflow Presets)
  7. Enchanted Garden (included Post Presets)
  8. Illuminate Collection

Lightroom Presets

In this video tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to layer your Pretty Presets together to get a really customized look.  And below you will find written instructions and a couple of my favorite preset layer recipes:

How to Layer Lightroom Presets - Video Tutorial


All of our Pretty Presets for Lightroom workflow sets are designed to work by layering.  This means that each preset has been created to only affect one or two small changes.  This makes them perfect for layering, because you can stack small changes together to create a custom edit for your image.

This also means that while each photo and lighting situation will require a different combination of presets, the overall look of your photos can remain consistent.

How to Layer or Stack your Lightroom Presets

Layering your presets together may seem confusing, but it is as easy as clicking a few presets.  In this case you will be clicking several presets in succession.  This will layer them together to create the perfect custom Lightroom recipe for your image.

Check out the edits below to see the combination of presets that I layered together to create each beautiful Lightroom edit.

Editing with the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Collection

Lightroom Layers

For this beautiful edit, I used a SOOC (straight out of the camera) file and applied the following presets from the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow:

  • Pretty Portrait Toolkit: WB Auto (adjusts white balance)
  • Pretty Portrait Toolkit: Ex. +1.00 (brightens exposure)
  • Base 3 | Pastel Color  (base preset with lovely color and slightly muted greens)
  • Curve 5 | Soft Matte (adds a soft matte effect using the Tone Curve)
  • Split Tone | Silver-Lilac (adds color using the Split Tone panel)
  • Pretty Portrait Toolkit: Soft Center Light Neutral (adds lovely soft light to the center of the image)
  • Noise Reduction +50 (reduces any noise in the image)

    Editing with the Luminous Collection

    How to Layer Presets in Lightroom

    The Luminous Collection is slightly different from the other workflow collections.  This collection is meant to help you add beautiful light in various styles to your images.  This touch of light should be added to your image AFTER you have finished editing your image.

    The above image was first edited using presets from the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.  Then we opened the Luminous Collection and added the Flare Horizontal | Angelic Top preset for the finishing touch!

    Sun Flare Lightroom Presets

    Layering presets together with these collections is super easy and allows you to really customize your edit to your image and create a beautiful style all your own!

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