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How to Layer Lightroom Presets

Not ALL presets can be layered.  But, Pretty Presets has many Workflow Sets that can.  Today I want to show you how the Workflow sets can be layered together to create a beautifully custom look to your photos.

These are the collections in our store that are layerable:

  1. Workflow Set Collection
  2. Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow
  3. Black and White Workflow Collection 
  4. Color Luxe Workflow

Watch the video below or follow the instructions and screenshots below the video.

The Workflow sets from Pretty Presets are designed to work by layering.  This means that each preset has been created to only affect 1 or 2 small changes.  That way they can be added together and used to create what you envision.  

This also means that while each photo and lighting situation will require a different combination of presets, the overall look of your photos can remain consistent.

Editing a Color Photo with the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Set

For this color edit, I used a SOOC (straight out of the camera) file and applied the following presets from the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Set:

  • A Quick Clean—I removed the increase in exposure.
  • Contrast
  • Recover Clipping
  • Sharpening for Females or Babies
  • Vignette
  • Bananas
  • Add Color—I reduced the saturation to 0 and decreased the vibrance to somewhere in the 30s.
  • Reduce Reds/Casts

Editing a Color Photos to Black and White with the Black and White Workflow Set

For this Black and White edit, I went back to the SOOC file and applied the following presets from the Black and White Workflow Set:

  • Black and White Base 1
  • Tone Blue—reduced the saturation of the shadows and highlights a bit
  • Light and Contrast
  • Add Clarity a Little
  • Add Contrast More
  • Add Darkness a Little
  • Add Vignette

I love layering and adjusting these presets to get the perfect customized look.  Hope this helps you to do the same to your photos and get the most out of your Pretty Presets!

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