How to Whiten Eyes and Teeth in Adobe Lightroom

Welcome to part two of our ten post series, showing how to use Pretty Presets brushes and presets to edit portraits. Last week skin smoothing was the topic, but today we are focusing on whitening teeth and eyes.

Before we get started, I want to encourage you to fix the white balance, the overall color temperature and tint of the image. Once that is done, click on the brush icon, which is the farthest-right icon below the histogram in the top-right side of your Develop screen.

Once the brush tool is activated, click on the word to the right of "Effect:" Scroll down the menu list until you get to Teeth Whiten. In the new Perfect Portrait brush set here are two brushes you can use for whitening teeth: Teeth Whiten Gray and Teeth Whiten Yellow. There are two brushes because teeth that need whitening are often too-yellow or too-gray.

The subject in the image used for the tutorial has teeth that are a bit yellow, so I used the Teeth Whiten Yellow.

How to Whiten Teeth in Lightroom

When editing teeth and eyes, which are small, defined areas, you want to reduce the feather so that the brush is more precise. The feature slider is just above the flow slider.  I moved the feather to 54 for this image. That means the brush is not super hard nor super soft.

For those who do not know what "feather" means - the feather is how much the edit will blend into the pixels around it. Most of the time in portrait editing, you will use a large feather, except for whitening teeth and eyes.

How to Whiten Eyes and Teeth in Adobe Lightroom

Once  the feather and flow are set, click somewhere on the teeth (or eyes as seen in images further down). The place first clicked will show a black/white circle. If the overlay mask is on, the areas brushed will show red. Sometimes it is advantageous to see the change as you brush. In those cases, you should turn off the mask overlay by clicking the option in the tool bar.

(Note: If you do not see the tool bar, as shown in the image below, go to View, then Show Toolbar.)

Whitening Teeth in Lightroom

To whiten the subjects eyes, click NEW at the top of the brush panel, then click on the brush name and choose the Eye Whiten brush.

How to Whiten Eyes Lightroom

As with whitening teeth, I used a lower feather, then brushed on the whites of the eyes.

How to Whiten Eyes Lightroom

Once the edit was done, I closed the brushes. To show the pins, I activated the brush tool again. When the mouse moves over the image, the brush pins show up, solid white circles. If you wish to edit/alter a brushed area, click on the pin and change as needed.

How to Whiten Eyes and Teeth in Adobe Lightroom

Whitening teeth and eyes is an easy change to make, thanks to the brushes. Below is a short video showing how to do the steps explained above, along with a few tips for using brushes.

How to Whiten Eyes and Teeth in Adobe Lightroom

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