Questions and Answers about the NEW Lightroom CC

We know that some of you are thinking about or have decided to start using the NEW Lightroom CC app Adobe released.  We know that many of you have questions.  We have answers.  Let us know if you have more questions we can help you with!

Is this the same product that I have been using on my desktop for the past few years?

No. This is a whole new product but Adobe gave it the same name as the old product.  I am not sure that they could have done anything MORE confusing for consumers.   But they didn't ask us.  It is our job to help you understand that while this new product looks similar to the desktop Lightroom you have been using for years, it is different.

With this new Lightroom CC, everything’s synced to the cloud which means your photos and edits are available on all of your devices, wherever you are. It’s really simple to use and still has the non-destructive editing power we expect from a professional photo editing product. It also adds artificial intelligence that analyzes your images and makes finding them easier even if you haven't added keywords to your images manually.

This is Lightroom CC 1.0.  It doesn’t have all of the features of the Classic version, but it already has the essentials and I am hopeful that features will be added rapidly.

Will my Pretty Presets work in Lightroom CC?

Yes and no!  Your Pretty Presets will work in the desktop app of Lightroom CC but they won't work in the web-version or in the mobile versions.  Your Brush Presets (think Pretty Presets Portrait brushes, the Bella Baby brushes, or any of the brushes included with our other collections) will not work in any of the Lightroom CC versions right now. 

Hopefully these are issues that Adobe will fix with updates in the future.  No brush presets is a bit of a deal-breaker for me and Lightroom CC. I think most professionals will have a hard time fully switching over without full preset capability and better batch editing options. Also, wouldn't it be great if the presets could be stored in the cloud and accessed across all your devices? (Hint, Hint Adobe!!)

I really want my Pretty Presets to work on Lightroom CC on my mobile devices.  Isn't there ANY way to make that work?

We really want to be able to use our Pretty Presets on the go as well.  We had hoped this release might give Lightroom that capability on mobile.  There is a work around for this to work on mobile and we will be sharing how you can do that in a future tutorial here!  Stay tuned!!

Should I switch to the NEW Lightroom CC app?

Sure.  I think there are lots of great things about this new Lightroom app.  The desktop version is pretty powerful and for the first time since Lightroom released a mobile version, I can see myself using it.  In order for me to fully switch, I want access to my presets across all the platforms and easier syncing.  I think most professional photographers will stick with Lightroom Classic CC until some of these features become a little more main stream!

With Lightroom CC will all my photos go to the cloud?

Yes.  As of right now, ALL the photos you upload to Lightroom CC, whether on mobile or on the desktop, will all be stored in the cloud—more specifically, Adobe's cloud storage.  The basic Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $9.99 comes with 20GB of storage. As photographers, we know how easy it is to fill a 20GB memory card so it is clear that amount of storage won't last very long.  You can upgrade to 1TB of storage for $19.99 a month and if you are going to be using Lightroom CC much you'll want to go ahead and do that.  

Adobe released a new Photography Plan option that only includes Lightroom CC (no Lightroom Classic CC or Adobe Photoshop CC) and 1TB of storage for $9.99 a month if that is more your speed.

Adobe Photography Plans Lightroom Presets

Will my Lightroom Classic CC catalog transfer to the NEW Lightroom CC?

Adobe says yes.  Truthfully, I haven't tried it. There is an option in the desktop app to migrate a catalog over by going to File>Migrate Lightroom Catalog.  You'll need to keep in mind that the two products (Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC) are not meant to work together.  Don't expect your edits to sync back and forth.

What does this NEW Lightroom CC app mean for Lightroom Classic CC?  Is it going away?

It is really difficult to read Adobe's mind.  This release eliminated the stand alone version of Lightroom which means you can no longer purchase Lightroom software on it's own without a subscription of some kind.  Adobe also announced that it will only update Lightroom 6 through the end of 2017.  

For now, it has said that Lightroom Classic CC will continue to remain a product that it supports and updates in the future.  The Lightroom CC app workflow isn't ready to compete with the powerful tool that Lightroom Classic CC has become over the last years so I hope that this is true!  I could see Adobe eventually moving Lightroom entirely to the cloud so I won't rule that out!  What are your thoughts? I guess we will see where this ride takes us together!