Installing Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

Adobe recently released a NEW Lightroom update that included a new Lightroom CC app for desktop and mobile devices.  This release has led many of you to ask if these mobile apps allow you to use your Pretty Presets.  Unfortunately, they don't allow this directly.

BUT, we have put together a workaround way for you to use your Pretty Presets in these mobile apps and are going to share that with you today.

As a special bonus, and to help make this workaround easier to use on the mobile version of Lightroom CC, we have created thumbnail images for 15 of our most popular presets and are offering them as a FREE DOWNLOAD.  These images will help you SEE where the Pretty Preset settings are copied on your mobile devices.

Follow the steps below or scroll to the bottom and watch the video. Let's get started.

Import the Thumbnail Images

Using Lightroom Presets on Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

You'll first need to upload these images into Lightroom. Once you have them uploaded, select all the files and create a collection. To create a collection, click on the "+" icon at the top of the Collections Panel.  That can be found on the left side the Library or Develop Module.

Once you have clicked the "+", choose Create Collection and name your collection.  I've called this collection Pretty Presets Base images.  Make sure that the "Include selected photos" box is checked. That will automatically include the selected thumbnail images in the collection.  If you didn't do this, it's an easy fix—just drag and drop them into the collection you created.

Installing Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC mobile apps

Add the Presets to the Thumbnail Images

Using Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

You may think that these images look a little lackluster.  That is because they don't have the Lightroom presets applied to them yet.  Click on each thumbnail image and add the corresponding preset.

You may not have purchased all these presets.  That is fine, just remove them from the collection if they aren't needed.

If there are other presets that you'd like to have access to on your mobile versions of Lightroom, just add an image to this same collection and add a preset you want to have have in Lightroom CC to the image!

Sync this Collection with Lightroom CC

Using Pretty Presets for Lightroom in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

If you’ve not yet done so, you’ll need to log into your Creative Cloud account.  This step will allow you to sync the files across Lightroom on your computer and your mobile device.  To find the login prompt to get into CC on your computer, you’ll need to get into your preferences.  Once there, you’ll click on the “Lightroom CC” tab, and enter your username and password, then click login.  Once this step is complete, head on back into Lightroom, into the Library Module, then right-click on the collection you wish to sync.

Using Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

Once this step is complete, your collection with sync with Lightroom Mobile any time there’s a change.  After a few minutes, the collection will sync with the cloud, and it’s time to move onto Lightroom mobile.

Move to Lightroom CC on your mobile device

Use Pretty Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

On your mobile device, navigate to Lightroom Mobile.  You’ll be greeted with a screen representing any collections you’ve synced with Creative Cloud.  Clicking on the Pretty Presets collection that you’ve created will take you to thumbnails of any Pretty Preset Mobile images you synced, and allow you to start the process of “using Pretty Presets” in Lightroom Mobile.

Use Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

Select the image that represents the preset you’d like to apply to a future image, and you should see that image, with the Preset applied, in full screen on your device.  You can swipe up to review any sliders, verifying that edits have been made as they are in Lightroom Classic CC.

Copy and Paste the Settings in Lightroom CC

Installing Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

With the desired image from which you wish to copy your Preset settings, touch the “...” in the upper right corner and select “Copy Settings”.  This will copy the Preset settings to be used on future images.  This is a little backwards from the way things are done in Lightroom Classic CC, where you’ll usually select the image you wish to edit first, and then select the presets.

Now that you’ve got the settings copied, head on back to the main screen of Lightroom mobile, and locate the image you’d like to edit with the Pretty Preset.  Select the image to have it fill the screen.

Installing Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

With the image selected, you’ll want to touch the “...” once more, but instead of selecting “Copy Presets”, you’ll instead want to select “Paste Settings”.  This should “apply” the Preset to your image, and complete the process of applying a Pretty Preset to an image in Lightroom mobile.  

Installing Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

From here, you can continue to edit the image (Crop, Rotate, modifying slider values, etc.) until you’ve got an image with which you’re satisfied.

Get on out there and start using Pretty Presets on your mobile device!  If you have any questions, or need any help, head on into our Facebook Group, or visit us in the Pretty Forums!

Using Your Lightroom Presets on Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile Apps

Lightroom Preset Thumbnail images for Lightroom CC Mobile Apps

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