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3 Best Lightroom Preset Collections for Editing Newborns

3 Best Lightroom Presets Collections for Editing Newborns

One question we see come up all the time in our groups and forum is the question of what preset collections are best for those who shoot newborns.  Editing newborns comes with it's own set of challenges.  Below are the 3 best Pretty Presets collections for editing newborns!

Newborn Brushes

No matter what precious newborn you are shooting, it is highly likely that they will have some skin issues.  It just comes with the territory.  Between redness in the skin, yellow in the skin and eyes, flaky skin, and baby acne, you are likely to spend significant time editing each newborn's skin.

The Newborn Brushes will help you to easily target and fix newborn skin.  With brushes to combat redness and yellow hues in the skin and brushes for smoothing the skin you'll find them an invaluable tool in your editing arsenal.

One of my favorite brushes in this Collection is the Add Flesh Tone brush. It adds a little bit more flesh coloring to a pale baby or even to the skin of a baby that you have had to correct coloring on.

3 Best Lightroom Presets Collections for Editing Newborns

Pretty Presets Workflow

Many times, newborn sessions are shot indoors to allow for the newborn to be most comfortable.  One of my favorite collections for indoor images is the Pretty Presets Workflow Collection.  This super basic collection has layerable presets that allow you to customize the edit to your image.  There are presets in this collection to help with color casts (also helpful for newborn skin), exposure issues, sharpening, and white balance.  

One of our most used presets also comes in this collection—All in One Clean Edit.  This preset can be used on it's own or in combination with other presets in the collection.

3 Best Lightroom Presets Collections for Editing Newborns

Black and White Workflow Collection

Black and white images are so classic and a staple of newborn photographers.  We have many beautiful black and white presets included in many of our other collections.

However, the Black and White Workflow Collection is the ULTIMATE black and white toolkit.  As a workflow collection, the presets are layerable and thus allow you to customize your black and white edit to the particular photo you are editing based on what it needs.  In just a few clicks you can have the perfect black and white edit. 

What are your favorite Pretty Presets for newborns?  We'd love to hear!

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