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3 Reasons to Choose Brushes Whenever Possible

Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is an invaluable tool that I use all the time.  Can you believe that at one time Lightroom didn’t have it? Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is the best way to avoid taking photo into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  And if that isn’t enough, these 3 reasons should make you want to pull out the Adjustment Brush whenever you possibly can!

1. You Can Be Specific

There are times that I want to apply changes to the entire photo that I am working on.  But there are even more times that I want changes to just affect a certain area—like a subjects face.  Brushes are really the best option in situations like these.  They have the ability to lighten or change the white balance of certain areas while keeping the exposure in the rest of the photo just as you shot it.

2. Easy Way to Layer Changes

Using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is the easiest way to layer changes to areas of your photo.  For instance, let’s say that I have lightened the subjects of my photo, I can also take a new brush and apply some skin softening specifically to areas on the faces.  An area of a photo can be affected by multiple brushes.

Changes that you make using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush can be layered with Lightroom Presets.  That means that you can make an adjustment using a brush (or several) and those changes won’t be adjusted or cancelled out when you apply your favorite preset.

3. You Can Apply Multiple Settings Using ONE Brush

Using the Adjustment Brush, you can apply several settings at once.  For instance, you can move the slider to increase saturation and the slider to increase clarity and apply both using the same brush.  This is just plain time-saving.  And time-saving is always appreciated! :)

The Pretty Presets Portrait Brushes Collection and Graduated Filter Collection makes this process even easier—you don’t even you won’t even have to choose the sliders!!

Happy Lightrooming!


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