3 Steps to Transfer Your Lightroom Presets to a New Computer

3 Steps to Transfer Your Lightroom Presets to a New Computer

How to Transfer Your Presets to a New Computer

Say!  You’ve got some exciting news.  A new computer always feels like a fresh Spring morning - so clean with nothing to clutter it up!

But then comes the dilemma, “How do I get all that STUFF I had on my old computer over to my new one?”

I can’t answer for ALL the files on your computer, but I can tell you the best way to transfer over all of your Lightroom Presets to your new computer.  Check out the video and blog post below.

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What You’ll Need:

  • Lightroom
  • Your old and new computers
  • A USB drive  - or -
  • An account with any online file storage service (options listed below).  

A few cloud storage options:

Step 1: Find Out Where Your Presets are Stored

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the folder your presets are stored in on your computer.  Do this, by right-clicking on one of your presets in the Develop Module and choosing “Show in Explorer” or “Show in Finder” from the option menu that will appear.

Find where your Lightroom Presets are stored

Moving Presets from one computer to another

This will open up a new window that will show you the location of the presets on your computer.  

How to transfer Lightroom presets to a new computer

Follow the trail back to your “Lightroom” folder and then select the folder called “Develop Presets.”  This is the folder that you want to save to your USB drive or to your favorite online file storage service.

If you also have purchased and installed Lightroom Brushes, you'll want to copy the "Local Adjustment Presets" folder as well.  You can also copy over "Print Templates" folder if you've installed any of our FREE Print Templates.

Transferring the Develop Presets Folder

Transferring Your Lightroom Preset to a new computer

Step 2: Save Your Presets

You can choose the best/easiest place for you to save your presets.  I recommend either plugging in a USB drive and saving them there.  OR alternatively, upload them to your favorite file storage service.  There are many to choose from (Dropbox.com, Copy.com, Box.com, and Google Drive).  By uploading them to the cloud, you're also backing up your presets at the same time! :)

If you choose to use a file storage service, you will need to download the files to your new computer after you have uploaded them from your old computer. (Watch the video above for a bit more detail.)

Step 3: Install Your Presets on the New Computer

Installing your presets on a new computer is super easy.  Just open your new version of Lightroom and open your Preferences folder (Mac: Lightroom> Preferences  PC: Edit>Preferences).  Choose the Presets Tab from the new window that opens up.  Half-way down, click on "Show Lightroom Presets Folder". It will open a Finder or Explorer window and highlight a folder called Lightroom. Double-click on that folder. You will want to copy your backed up presets back into the Develop Presets Folder and your brushes and graduated filters into the Local Adjustment Presets folder.

Getting a new computer gives you the perfect opportunity to organize your Lightroom presets just how you’d like - so take advantage of it.

If you're a visual learner or just need a little more detail, make sure to watch the tutorial video below.

Do you have any questions or comments about transferring & installing presets on your new computer?   Leave us a comment below - we would love to hear from you! And PLEASE SHARE our tutorial using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)!

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