Syncing Edits in Lightroom

Syncing Settings and Presets

Once you have edited an image and made it the best it can be, you may want to apply those same changes to other images from the same shoot or batch. The easiest way to do this is by using the "sync" option that is at the bottom of the Develop panel.

When you "sync" you are copying one, two, three, all settings from the "anchor" image onto the other images you have selected. If you edit via presets, which is how I edit 80% of the time, you can sync those changes also.

Steps for Syncing Images

  • Make any necessary changes to the image after running the preset, like exposure, white balance, shadows, etc.
  • Highlight the other images you want to apply the changes and/or preset to by holding down your shift key and then clicking on the last image in the group.
  • If not in a group, hold down your control key and click the images you want to sync.
  • Click Sync in the lower right-hand side of the screen, at the bottom of the edit panels.
  • If you do not wish to sync all the changes, so simply press "Check None" and then click on the boxes for the changes you do want synced and press Synchronize.


Lightroom filmstrip

Sync button in Lightroom

What NOT to Sync

  • Never sync adjustment brushes or spot healing/cloning. Even if the images seem very close, if they are just a little off, the edits won't line up and could end up looking very strange.

What not to Sync