There’s a lot to be said about the natural beauty of backlighting. This technique can add a certain something to images that is striking and unique.

The drama of backlit images can add an extra level of drama to depth to images that make the shot interesting and capture the attention of the viewer.

So, how can you create the perfect conditions within your home or indoors space for capturing the perfect natural backlit photograph?

Here are a few ideas to help you on your way backlit heaven:

1. Focus on your camera settings

5 Tips for Mastering Backlighting Indoors

Aperture is king when it comes to backlit photography, so you will want to use the manual settings and experiment with your shutter speed. Aperture varies from f/2.8 to f/5.6, and shutter speed could be anything from 1/100 to 1/640 but have a play around to see what’s best for you.

You should also be up to speed with your focus. Cameras aren’t used to photographing the sun due to the need to be out of focus, so you will need to have a play to get the focus on point. Working with the blinding sun can be problematic but persevere, and you’ll get some pretty amazing photos.

2. Look for hard light shining through windows or creating shadows

As a starting point you need to understand the light, the time of day you get great light and the spots within your house or indoor space where the sun will shine directly in so you can set up your shots.

Light obviously changes based on the season so consider this when looking for the perfect light for your shot. Bedrooms, living spaces and places with plenty of access to the sun are a fantastic focal point for backlit shots.

3. Embrace the haze and bokeh

5 Tips for Mastering Backlighting Indoors

Have you ever seen a delightfully dramatic haze in photography and wondered how can could recreate this. It’s unlikely to have the perfect amount of haze inside your home so the answer is to get crafty to create the hazy look you need. Some photographers burn some toast to get a little bit of smoke haze in their shots, but if you don’t know if you can time this perfectly for your shot, you can buy a haze machine for your local hardware store.  Never underestimate the magic of bokeh either.  

4. Be a shadow maker

5 Tips for Mastering Backlighting Indoors

Dramatic shadows within your images can make for a dramatic contrast in your photography. Look for contrasting light in your images and position your camera so that it is at an angle that captures the shadows perfectly and adds plenty of uniqueness to your photos.

5. Play with your light

5 Tips for Mastering Backlighting Indoors

Light can add so much to simple images and having a little play with shapes and textures can create incredible images. Find light and windows that are backlit that have patterns and shapes and have a play with the effect. The shafts of light will take on a whole new life when you add sheer curtains to the mix, so have some fun with the backlight and even add in some haze to create a unique effect.

Indoor window light is a simple light source and one that can create some pretty spectacular images. The fact that indoor photography that is backlit can be done all year round is also another great benefit that allows for the photographer to spend plenty of time on the subject without needing to be trudging around in the elements.