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Top 9 iPhone Apps for Photographers

Chances are, you have a smart phone. It can be one of the best tools to keep your business under control and be able to keep things under control!

1. The first app is one of the most underrated apps that come included automatically with your iPhone. The Photos App is a great way to have a portfolio at your beck and call at anytime. Some of the best opportunities to market to future clients can be at times when you aren't able to have a full on portfolio with you. I also use it to load the slideshow for my in-person ordering sessions from my computer. Simple, easy and included!

2. Can we get a HUZZAH for Dropbox? This app is perfect for getting images to clients that aren't local or to share with clients and websites that you are being published with. It's also a great way to backup your important things, like Actions. My Photoshop reset itself this morning and I was able to access the backed up version and install them in a heartbeat without having to fully pull everything from a backup. It was easy! You also can save your iPhone shots directly to Dropbox and share them with family or friends. You can even take some shots from Behind the Scenes and share them with your clients before they even get home!

3. Anyone that has ever driven around looking for new landscapes and places for photographing in town needs this app. You are able to name the location, make notes and take a picture and then it puts a pin down where you created it. Perfect if you are always looking for someplace new and forget about that one place you saw last week and want to go there again.

4. You may know that the Magic Hour has amazing light and is the perfect time to shoot, but do you ever have trouble actually remembering what time that might be? Magic Hour is perfect for this. Not only will it tell you the exact time that Magic Hour is, Sunrise and Sunset, but it tells you that for the exact location you are located in! This is perfect if you are traveling or someplace new and want to shoot. I know I use it every year when I go to Vegas for WPPI!

5. If you are not getting Model Releases, you need to start doing that. This app makes it so easy to get them while you are working without having to worry about carrying paper releases and then losing them. Even better is, if you are not currently getting releases, you can use some of the pre made ones that have been verified by lawyers. Easy peasy and now, no excuses!

6. You have probably heard of Square before. It's the little app that allows you to take credit cards and has a similar (or lesser) fee as other credit card products. The fancy little square that you plug into your headphones is easy to fit into your camera bag or wallet and use it anywhere. Taking credit cards makes it so easy for anyone to accept greater amounts of money!

7. This may be something new for you to use as a marketing opportunity. Red Stamp allows you to mail out postcards with pictures from your phone for a very reasonable price. My favorite option is the pop out cards, where you can put a photo of behind the scenes or a sweet shot you got during the session. When they arrive to your clients, they will have a framed image to put on their wall and make them even more excited for the great products you will provide them.

8. Another secret app out there is Guest'd. If you shoot events or any sort of location where you have access to multiple potential clients, this app is perfect for you. It's an easy way to collect email addresses for your newsletters from real people!

9. And speaking of newsletters! You know you need to manage your newsletters on the go. We love Mad Mimi, but there are tons of other options out there as well. Having access to it all is a necessity.

What apps did we miss? Share with us below your absolute favorite apps!

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