I photograph what I love, and love what I photograph. I always find myself looking at beautiful spaces and old fences, overgrown nooks and crannies seeing photographs in my mind. I love being inspired by a setting or a child and I actually see myself taking the photo. My friends will attest to me calling them with 20 minutes notice that I need their child for some crazy photo that I see in my mind! Even my own children have started to recognize that look in my eye. I never thought that what started as wanting to take a decent photo of my son could turn into a business that I love and could help care for my family. My most sincere advice is to just keep shooting, every day if you can. Read, watch videos, join a forum, just keep shooting. Turn that dial to Manual and figure it out, I promise you can! Less than a year ago, I would have laughed if you said I would understand my camera that way I do today. Find what you love, what your mind keeps wandering back to... and take a picture of it!

5 Tips to Help You Create Candid Moments

1) Try and find an alternative to "cheese!" Sometimes I can make a child laugh by saying other silly words, or even telling them No Smiling! (A little reverse psychology, in a silly way)

2) Be a photo ninja. Don't say anything at all! Just get your camera and sneak, crawl, or pop out unexpectedly!

3) Set up something fun. Set the scene before your kids know you want to take a photo. Open the windows, get your camera ready, set up some fun toys or activity and be ready.

4) Get in the photo! (You will be glad you did) Get a remote for your camera! I love the 2 second delay feature in my Nikon D750. Don't wait for those last 5 pounds, or to fix your hair, just get in there with your kids!

5) Get your kids involved in photo decisions. Ask them where they would like to take pictures, or even what they want to wear! Let them take silly photos first, then ask for a few less silly ones when they are happy and cooperative. Even let then turn the camera on you!

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: 50mm 1.4
Pretty Presets Used: Clean and Creative, Color Luxe, Fine Art Film and Black and White Workflow (Truffle + Deep Base 6 for all black and white below)

Using a remote, Tammy included herself in the images!  And, so can you.

My husband bought my first camera for me six years ago after the birth of my son. Hoping to learn to take a decent photo of him, I started clicking away. I am also a hairdresser by trade, and have owned a salon for the last 10 years. Between hair, home, family, and trying to read my camera manual... it took me until the last year to finally take the jump to full manual mode (and I haven't looked back). Now my next leap is trying to build my photography business. My favorite subjects are my two sons and two nieces, they keep me with plenty to photograph! I try to catch the real moments, the fun times, the way I see children in my mind. I've surrounded myself with best friends who love my photos, photographer friends who teach me everyday, and children I love to take pictures of. What more could a lady with a camera ask for?!  Website | Facebook