By Corinne Brown

It’s difficult starting a new career, and it’s fair to say we’ve all hard to start somewhere. But if you’re worried about making rookie errors in your quest to be a great photographer there are a few ways to learn from other photographer’s mistakes.   

Here are a few of the most common mistakes new professional photographers make and ways you can avoid making the same mistakes as you embark on your new photography business.  

5 Most Common Mistakes Made By New Photographers

1. Using colors that are too strong or unrealistic for the shot 

One of the most common newbie mistakes is unrealistic colors that might look good through the screen lens of your DSLR but aren’t true colors in the eye of everyone else.   

To avoid this, you can purchase a good monitor that is color calibrated so you can see the image as everyone else sees it so you are capturing images that look real and you won’t need heaps of post editing.  

5 Most Common Mistakes Made By New Photographers 

2. Images that aren’t sharp  

While intentional blur is one thing, if you are taking shots that aren’t sharp on an ongoing basis you could have an issue with your focus.  

Ensure you are always controlling your sharpness adequately, you are focused on the subject, and the background or foreground is out of focus intentionally. To get the sharpness you’re looking for your shutter speed needs to be at least one over your focal length and you should consider raising your ISO too. Learn more about achieving sharper images .

5 Most Common Mistakes Made By New Photographers 

3. Poor composition 

In today’s world composition is everything, especially now that there are so many digital photographers and ‘experts’ showcasing their photos on social media platforms such as Instagram 

Composition is about setting up your image for effect. The rule of thirds is a popular option in composition, where the hero or subject is in the 1st or the 3rd section of the shot.  

For the best composition avoid too much activity around the edges and focus on the rule of thirds. As well as composition you should also consider your contrast, exposure and black and white tones within your images to ensure you are getting the correct contrast. 


4. You’re too far away  

You don’t want your viewers to need a microscope to view your images and if you’re looking to get some attention consider getting up close and personal with your subject. Use a wide-angle lens and capture the essence of your subject up close.  

 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By New Photographers

5. Photos lack a subject or ‘hero’  

While you might be aiming for an abstract shot, without a little bit of substance your images won’t capture the imagination of your audience. Ensure you have a subject or idea that you’re trying to portray in your image and you’re not just pointing and shooting any old thing without a purpose.  

Take a little time to walk around your neighborhood, and you’ll find plenty of material for your photography. Strip back the layers and take the time to chat to your subject if it is appropriate to get a better understanding of their story so you can tell it a little more through your photography.  

We’re all guilty of making mistakes and, after all, how would we learn if we didn’t make mistakes. That said, keeping in mind these basic common mistakes will allow you to fine tune your craft and work towards being a better professional photographer.