Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) from K&F Concept: Product Review

Circular Polarizing Filter Review

What are Circular Polarizing Filters (CPL)?

Circular Polarizing Filters (or CPL for short) are one of those items that a lot of photographers have in their bags, but just don’t understand why they have them, what they do, or even how they got them. 

For some folks, they look at the glass and assume that it’s like their polarized sunglasses, and they’re not that far off.  As Wikipedia states, Polarizing FIlters are often placed in front of the camera lens in order to darken skies, manage reflections, or suppress glare from the surface of lakes or the sea.

With that “quick and dirty” explanation under our belt, we see ourselves reviewing the K&F Concept Circular Polarizing CPL Filter.  Before we get too far into it, it’s important to note that we were provided with a review copy of this filter, and paid no money to obtain it.  That being said, the review of this product is honest and written free of influence.

Painted Sky Overlays

K&F Concept Circular Polarizing Filter Review

The elevator pitch of this filter is that it’s an ultra slim frame, double sided, 18-layer coated, water repellent, anti-oil, anti-dust, anti-soil, scratch resistant piece of glass.  I’ve tapped it, and it seems to be exactly that.

Tough to really tell if it’s scratch resistant without attempting to scratch it, and since I like using this filter, we’ll just have to take K&F’s word for it.

cpl filter

I put this lens on my Canon 70-200L lens. It had a good, snug fit to it, but like most slim-profiled filters, it definitely felt as though you’d have to line it up perfectly to get it onto the lens, and bending it in even the slightest way would end up with a filter stuck on your lens.  Once the filter was on, I didn’t plan to take it off much, so I wasn’t too worried about it.  It didn’t feel cheap, even though it is fairly inexpensive.

Polarizing filters do generally tend to have a niche use.  You’re probably not going to use them if you’re a newborn photographer.  You probably won’t use them for an entire wedding.  If you shoot seniors outside, though, or landscapes, may want to want to add one to your camera bag.

This particular filter is one of the better filters I’ve ever used.  I was able to draw out some beautiful blue skies, and really get some warm, rich colors and sharpness, even on a cloudy day.

Circular Polarizer Filter

The packaging leaves a little bit to be desired.  My case was broken at the hinges right out of the box, but I have a filter holder so it wasn’t a huge issue.  The box will be good enough to get it to you in the mail, but you’re probably not going to want to use it to store this filter, if you take it off of your lens.

So let’s cut to the point, because that’s probably why you’re reading this, right?

This is going to be a really good, affordable, mid-grade polarizing filter.  It’s not going to break the bank, but it’s also not going to break right away.  It will be a sound investment for anyone looking to step up their outdoor photography and is worth what you pay for it.

If you’ve got a little bit of extra money in the budget and looking for a new toy to play with, this will be a great one to add.


  • Good quality images
  • Enriches colors and makes your skies really pop
  • Budget-friendly


  • Packaging is a little rough
  • Slim profile means it’s easier to bend and, thus, can get stuck on your lens

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