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Top 6 Posing Apps for Photographers

This was a much harder post to put together. There are so many options out there for posing and ideas but I stuck with six for today's post. 

1. You know it and you love it, but did you know you could use it on your shoots? I love linking the board I've made for a specific shoot directly to my homepage so it's easy to access. The range of options and ways you can utilize this are endless with the Pinterest app!  We have a Pinterest board you can follow here on posing.

2. Next up is an app you may not have heard about, but if you have heard of it you may never have realized how it could work for your business! Next Issue allows you to access more than 100 magazines of all sorts and genres. Not only is it great for inspiration between shoots, but the screenshots you can take and use from the magazines themselves allow you access to all of those magazines, from several months past even, and access the images that spoke to you anywhere.

3. I know we mentioned the Photos app in a previous post but it deserves another mention. The ability to access any screenshots from Next Issue or Pinterest or anywhere else you found them and use them even if you don't have an internet connection is priceless! Having it be a standard app on your phone makes it even better.

You can also use your iBook app (also automatically included) to access any photographer PDF posing guides you may have purchased.

4. This next app is perfect for someone that just wants one thing to look at and know where to go. With drawings that will allow you to mentally place your clients into positions, it's a great way to get a general idea of how you want your clients to pose. Check out the Posing App.

These next two apps, even though they look the same, are both different. These are fun and refreshing apps!

5. First up is the Fashion poses, which is pretty much exactly what it states. Inside are some gorgeous examples of great poses, sorted by style and utilizes Lindsay Adler's very distinctive look.

6. Here is the second one.  This is for weddings specifically.  However, it can also be used for couples in general. Both options include the ability to save favorites and also include videos and tips on posing inside the app. A great way to really get inspired, even if you aren't on a shoot right then!

Do you have any other ideas for Posing Apps? Share in the comments below and let us know what we missed!  

BONUS: Don't forget to check out 5 Posing Solutions for Every Photographer here on our website. We have a free download available to you that helps you with photographing toddlers, children, teens and families!

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