Clean Edit Portrait Workflow: Lightroom Presets for Portraits


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Compatible With
  • Compatible with LR CC & ClassicLR CC & Classic
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5+Lightroom 5+
  • Compatible with ACR 7+ACR 7+
This product is a digital download that is available for downloading immediately after purchase.


Lightroom Presets for Portraits

We set out to create a complete portrait editing system to take advantage of Lightroom's newest capabilities. And boy did we deliver...

You will absolutely LOVE our Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.  A powerful, precise and versatile set of presets, brushes and tools that allow you to utilize new Lightroom processing techniques and make editing portraits in Lightroom easier than ever!


Clean Edit Layerable Presets

Our intuitive new workflow system allows you to create incredibly crisp clean edits starting with one of seven “base” preset choices, then seamlessly “layer” custom curve presets, powerful split-tone presets and beautiful color tint overlays to create the perfect look.  With 35 of the best Lightroom Presets for portraits in this collection, all which can be mixed-and-matched, you can create an unlimited number of custom combinations for your images.

We’ve even included 7 PRETTY MIXER PRESETS, consisting of our favorite combos for you to use in just one-click.


Includes New Portrait Brushes

What would a Clean Edit Portrait Workflow be without a collection of Retouching and Color Correcting Portrait Brushes?!  That’s right, we’ve included 25 Essential Portrait Brushes including highlights recovery, lift shadows, de-noise/dehaze, and more to take advantage of Lightroom’s robust new retouching capabilities.

Includes New Portrait Workflow Toolkit

And to top it off, we are also including a BRAND NEW Portrait Workflow Toolkit that will equip you with a variety of new tools to help you further refine your portrait images.  You will find new soft center light options, subtle vignettes, sharpening, noise reduction, white balance adjustment tools and more included in this huge 51 Preset Workflow Toolkit.

Excited? We thought so!

Perfect for any type of photography, our powerful and extremely easy to use Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Collection is a MUST-HAVE!

And with over 118 Presets and Brushes included in one easy download, an incredible value too!


The Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Collection Includes:

  • 35 Layerable Clean Edit Presets + 7 Category Reset Presets (42 total)

  • 25 Portrait Brushes

  • 51 Workflow Presets in our FREE BONUS Portrait Toolkit

  • All presets are fully customizable to fit your style

  • The Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Presets are compatible and fully optimized for Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and the Creative Cloud (CC)

  • The Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Brushes are compatible and fully optimized for Lightroom 5+ and Lightroom Classic. Since there isn't a brush tool in Lightroom CC, these brushes can't be used in CC, we recommend using Lightroom Classic.

  • Presets can now be synced from Lightroom CC to the Lightroom Mobile App for use on your Mobile Phone! You must have a subscription through Adobe to utilize this feature.

  • Works on both Mac and PC

  • Works on RAW and JPEG images

  • Instruction guide and video tutorial links

  • Tutorial on layering presets in Lightroom

Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Presets Video Tutorial


35 Layerable Clean Edit Presets + 7 Category Reset Presets (42 total):

  • Base 1 | Clean Color
  • Base 2 | Rich Color
  • Base 3 | Pastel Color
  • Base 4 | Velvet Color
  • Base 5 | Vivid Bright Color
  • Base 6 | Desaturated Color
  • Base 7 | Clean B&W
  • Curve 1 | S-Curve Pop
  • Curve 2 | Filmic
  • Curve 3 | Cross-Process
  • Curve 4 | Hazy Matte
  • Curve 5 | Soft Matte
  • Curve 6 | Deep Matte
  • Curve 7 | Dramatic
  • Split Tone | All Warm
  • Split Tone | All Cool
  • Split Tone | Amber-Smoke
  • Split Tone | Blue-Steel
  • Split Tone | Driftwood-Ocean
  • Split Tone | Grey Moss
  • Split Tone | Silver-Lilac
  • Tint Overlay | Aquamarine
  • Tint Overlay | Blue Mist
  • Tint Overlay | Celadon Green
  • Tint Overlay | Lavender
  • Tint Overlay | Peaches & Cream
  • Tint Overlay | Rose
  • Tint Overlay | Silver Veil
  • Pretty Mixer | Fave 1
  • Pretty Mixer | Fave 2
  • Pretty Mixer | Fave 3
  • Pretty Mixer | Fave 4
  • Pretty Mixer | Fave 5
  • Pretty Mixer | Fave 6
  • Pretty Mixer | Fave 7
  • 7 Category Resets

25 Portrait Brushes:

  • Add Clarity
  • Add Color
  • Blues Bluer
  • Burn-Darken
  • Catchlight Enhancer
  • Cool Down
  • Cool Greens
  • De-Noise
  • Dehaze
  • Dodge-Lighten
  • Eye and Teeth Whitener
  • Highlight Recovery
  • Lift Shadows
  • Peach Skin
  • Reduce Color
  • Reduce Green Cast
  • Reduce Magenta Cast
  • Reduce Red Cast
  • Reduce Yellow Cast
  • Rosy Cheeks and Lips
  • Sharpen
  • Skin Smoother
  • Soft Haze
  • Warm Greens
  • Warm Up

51 Workflow Presets in our FREE BONUS Portrait Toolkit:

  • Contrast -10,
  • Contrast -15,
  • Contrast -20,
  • Contrast -25,
  • Contrast +10,
  • Contrast +15,
  • Contrast +20,
  • Contrast +25,
  • Exp -0.25,
  • Exp -0.50,
  • Exp -0.75,
  • Exp -1.00,
  • Exp +0.25,
  • Exp +0.50,
  • Exp +0.75,
  • Exp +1.00,
  • Noise Reduction +25,
  • Noise Reduction +50,
  • Noise Reduction +75,
  • Sharpen +50,
  • Sharpen +75,
  • Sharpen +100,
  • Soft Center Light Cool,
  • Soft Center Light Neutral,
  • Soft Center Light Warm,
  • Soft Vignette I,
  • Soft Vignette II,
  • Soft Vignette III,
  • Tone Highlights Hard,
  • Tone Highlights Neutral,
  • Tone Highlights Soft,
  • Tone Shadows Hard,
  • Tone Shadows Neutral,
  • Tone Shadows Soft,
  • Toning Color Desaturate -5,
  • Toning Color Desaturate -10,
  • Toning Color Desaturate -15,
  • Toning Color Saturate +5,
  • Toning Color Saturate +10,
  • Toning Color Saturate +15,
  • WB As Shot,
  • WB Daylight Cloudy,
  • WB Daylight Overcast,
  • WB Daylight Shade (Dark),
  • WB Daylight Shade (Light),
  • WB Daylight Sunny,
  • WB Sunrise/Sunset,
  • WB Twilight
  • License good for (1) photographer/studio only

  • Items included in the deal are digital downloads, PDF guides, links to online videos

  • Basic knowledge of Lightroom required

Special thanks to Janey Cooper Photography, Captured by Kristin Photography and Freckled Flower Photography for the use of their beautiful images used in our examples. We are so grateful to work with these amazing photographers.


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