Bringing Out The Beauty Of The Everyday

I cannot say that I have fully mastered the lifestyle secrets for photographing my clients, but I have figured out how to create beautiful everyday lifestyle photos and self-portraits.

Those moments when you are cooking with your kids and think, “I would love someone to photograph this.” Maybe you're reading a story to your children, laughing with them, enjoying a quiet book, or watching your children joyfully enjoying a beautiful day. Lifestyle photography brings out the beauty in the everyday, mundane things. That is why I LOVE it. And guess what? It is possible.

When you catch yourself in those moments, grab your camera. Here are some tips to bringing out the beauty of the everyday:

1.Catch the moment.

If you are not in the picture, this is easy. When your kids are doing something camera-worthy or just being silly, reading a book, laughing together, even fighting...get your camera. Sneak a photo. They are always best when the kids don't know you are there. But even if they catch you, tell them to continue. The photos still turn out amazing. 

2. The near-far effect.

This is when the objects closest to you are blurred, but the subject is clear as can be, and it just makes them pop. For example, your kids are reading a book and you are behind a doorway. Pull part of the doorway into the photo so that it is blurred, and focus on your children. Or, if there is a vase of flowers on the table, put your camera by the flowers, focus on your children and have that pretty, blurred bokeh effect of the flowers in the foreground. Try it!

Bringing Out The Beauty of the Everyday

3.Get in the photos.

This is more work, but you will thank me later. Set up your camera, get out your remote and keep doing what you are doing while clicking the remote. Examples: keep cooking, keep laughing, keep reading, keep playing. Then make it a game. Tell your kids to freeze randomly and then click the button so there isn't any blurred movement in the photo. Do this several times and you will get a good photo. Check out these tips for photographing children, too.

4. Change it up.

Find a new perspective. Look for a different angle. Try different light. Experiment. Sometimes the most unexpected places give the coolest lighting effects. Don't be afraid to break the “photography rules.” There are some great tips for mastering light.

5. Practice, practice, practice.

If at first you don't succeed then try, try again. Trust me. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the better you will be at it. I try to do some type of lifestyle shot at least four times a week. 

karissa collinsMeet Karissa Collins: I have been married for 10 years (in July) and am the mom to six amazing little blessings ages 7, 5, 4, 3, 1 and 3 months. I am a God-fearing, home-schooling, photography obsessed mom who makes...yes makes...her children take pictures everyday. I started my photography journey exactly two years ago and it has been such a great learning experience and start up business. It can get hard balancing being a mom, teacher, wife, disciple and photographer but the benefits outweigh the stresses. I specialize in family photography and newborns but enjoy weddings and engagement photography as well. Website | Facebook