Awkward Couples Photoshoot (How to Capture Maximum Awkwardness)

Awkward Couple Photoshoot

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How to Set Up an Awkward Couple's Photoshoot

I recently held a model call on my Facebook page for awkward couples looking to do a fun photo session and the response totally blew my mind!  I ended up choosing a couple that I had worked with before, for both their engagement session as well as their wedding.

It was the best decision!  We had so much fun at the shoot and my clients loved the silly and memorable photos we captured!   

If you are thinking about offering your own awkward couple's photoshoot, here are some tips to make it a really fun and memorable session:

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1. Find Your Ideal Awkward Photo Session Clients

To find your ideal awkard photoshoot subjects, promote a model call on your social media or just choose a couple you already know.  If you already know the couple consider it a bonus, because they will already be comfortable and familiar with you.

If you decide to go with a couple that you haven’t met, consider setting up a coffee date so you can all get to know each other a little better and of course set expectations!

However, if it's not possible to meet with them before the session, plan on taking 10-15 minutes to chat with the couple before you start shooting – I generally do this with ALL my photo sessions and I find that it really helps calm my clients’ nerves and gets everyone more relaxed!

Awkward Couple Photos

2. Choose Your Awkward Photo Session Theme

After you find your subjects, choose a theme!   As you can see from my photoshoot, we had a very specific theme in mind and some super fun props.  I chose an old fashioned, vintage theme for this couple, because it matched their personality and relationship perfectly.  They drive an old Mercedes and although they are still young, they are really two old souls!  As far as clothes, they didn’t even have to buy outfits; it was already in their closet! 

So find a theme that is true to the couple and who they are.  That way, your clients can still cherish these memories and may even hang prints of these on their walls.

Funny Couple Pictures

3. Research Posing Ideas and Props

I used inspiration from Google and Pinterest for posing the couple, and saved all the posing ideas on my phone for reference at the photoshoot.  We also did a little improvisation during the session, too!.  Don't be surprised if your clients surprise you with their own poses!

As far as props, I worked with my couple to chose props that complimented their theme, for example old scooters and kid bicycles worked great for their vintage session!  And of course, the main prop; their old Mercedes.

Funny Couple Poses

4. Location & Flexibility Make a Difference

Plan for the unexpected and try to be flexible with your location plans.  For this awkward couple photoshoot, our original location didn't work out due to bad weather, so I had to improvise. 

We decided to park their my couple's Mercedes on the road in front of my house and ended up doing the whole shoot right there!  We had so much fun, and they really played their roles perfectly because although it was meant to be awkward, everything came to them naturally because of their fun personalities!

I feel that any location can work, but ideally you should try to match it to the theme of the awkard photoshoot.  For example, if the couple loves McDonalds, then a  shoot outside the restaurant, with the McDonalds showing in the background of the images.  You might even be able to take some photos INSIDE the restaurant, just make sure to get permission first. 

If your couple loves the beach, that would make another great location for an awkward photo session!  I can think of a ton of awkward poses and unique things a couple can do there!  Can you?

Funny Couples Photoshoot

5. Finally, JUST HAVE FUN!

Awkward couple photo sessions are completely out of my comfort zone…  I love photographing couples and am usually very precise about how I pose them.  For my awkard photoshoot, I had to let go of that control along with my usual ideas of what a couple shoot “should be,” and just have fun with it!

You can still guide your clients on how to pose, but you may want to change up your typical prompts.   Try saying things like “pretend you’re Jack & Rose from Titanic” or “play bumper cars with your butts” or give couple your pose, but tell them to be as STIFF as possible.  There are so many fun ideas like that!

Goofy Couple Pictures


After the past 18 months, this awkard couple photoshoot was exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again… and of course to put a smile on all of our faces! 

I look forward to seeing all your awkward photo sessions!  And keep in mind they don't have to be just for couples.  Awkward family and engagement shoots can be equally fun and memorable too!

Do you have any questions or comments about creating your own awkward family sessions?  Leave us a comment below - we would LOVE to hear from you!  And PLEASE SHARE this post using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)!

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