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Free Posing Guide: Posing Tips for Teens (and Tweens!)

I am so excited to share today’s Posing Tip sheet with you.  Teens and older kids are so much fun to photograph.  First, they love to have their photo taken. And yet, at the same time, they are also becoming more self-aware and need lots of encouragement and complimenting to allow that wall of self-awareness to fade. They have moved out of the kid stage and no longer require lots of chasing around or silliness (though I still find funny stories or jokes are great for getting a genuine laugh.)

My favorite thing about photographing this age is that there is the personality they bring when we are photographing together.  Let them show you a little bit of sass or that super cool or serious side.  And remind them that not every photo must have a smile.

I hope today’s Posing Tips help you enjoy photographing this age just as much as I do!

Happy Photographing!!

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