Minimalist Photography (Tips for Creating Uncomplicated Beauty)

Minimalist Pictures

Minimalist Photography

Our lives have become so complicated, so full of chaos, with so many demands placed upon us.  Is it any wonder minimalism has become a full blown movement?

There are tiny houses for minimalist living, capsule wardrobes for minimalist style, and today I’d like to throw in my own two cents and share with you my thoughts on minimalist photography.

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What is a Minimalist Photograph?

I think we can all agree that minimalism is simplistic and clean.  Whether you are talking about a painting, sculpture, architecture or the mid century modern furniture trend that swept the 1950’s.  So, if we apply that to photography, it may look something like this:

Minimal Photography Art

Minimalist Photos

These images are a direct reflection of my children’s personalities.  The clean backgrounds send your eye to the subject without the use of conventional composition rules.  So, if you’re a rule breaker, trying your hand at minimalist photographs may be up your alley!

Minimalism Photography

How to Create Simplicity in Photographs

Minimalist photographs don’t equate to black and white photographs (although I just happen to love black and white)!  You can see here that even with bright, vibrant colors, the cute couple above is still clearly the focal point of the image.

Conversely, the negative space and neutral tones in the second image is actually somewhat calming.  Given that the image was shot as part of a maternity session, a calming effect is exactly what I was going for.

Minimalism Photos

Minimalist Photography

Why I Love Minimalist Photography

To me, emotion is by far one of the things I most love about capturing minimalistic photographs and a classic portrait is a great way to do that.  In fact, many of us produce minimalistic portraits without even meaning to.  Minimalism lends itself very well to portraiture.  With simple, plain backgrounds and a tighter crop, nothing distracts from the subject.

A minimalistic approach to photography is easier than you think.  No matter where you are, look for plain backgrounds to shoot against.  Sometimes, all you need to do is adjust your angle.

Like all aspects of the minimalist movement, less is more.  This includes wardrobe and props.  Stripping away items that can be stripped away (like extra clothing layers) goes a long way in “decluttering” the shot.  The end result will be a timeless photograph you will be proud to share.

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