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Free Posing Guide: Posing Tips for Kids

I love photographing kids. They are generally happy, playful, and ready to be photographed. Many times, however, they need a little warming up to begin with. Take time with them and get to know them. Be genuine and work to make the kids you photograph your friend.

Whoever your subject is, they will look best if they are comfortable. This is definitely true with kids. Avoid poses that are awkward for them or difficult to do. Simple poses that they already do on a regular basis are best (cross-legged, hands in their pockets, holding hands, etc.) And don’t be afraid to show them some of their photos. Kids love the back of the camera and love to see what they look like in their photo.

Today’s Posing Tip sheet focuses on ways to engage with kids and get them to reveal their true selves.

Happy Photographing!

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