Food Photography with Your iPhone

Have you ever whipped out your cell phone to take a picture of your dessert so you could share it with a friend? Are you guilty of taking a selfie with your favorite beverage? Cell phone cameras have made taking photos so convenient that we snap pictures of just about everything, including the food and drinks we are about to consume. Having a passion for baking and photography, my iPhone makes taking photos of my creations so quick and easy. I’d like to share with you all just how I photograph food for my recipe and entertaining blog in a three part series, starting now.

How to Photograph Food with your iPhone


Since my iPhone is always with me, it’s simple to grab it from my back pocket while I am baking. I like to photograph some of the steps of recipes that I share on my blog so that my readers can see the process. Being a visual learned I like to share a few step-by- step images along with my recipes. These images are “real life”, they are close-up and unedited, so when you make it yourself at home, you will know if it looks right or wrong.

How to Photograph Food With Your iPhone


With some recipes, I share a fresh out of the oven image that isn’t necessarily styled, but taken at a great angle. You may be more inclined to try a recipe if you can see this “real life” photo, as it isn’t so intimidating. I also like to share these fresh out of the oven pictures on Instagram as a teaser of what recipes will be coming to the blog soon. 

How to Photograph Food with your iPhone


After you see these “real life” shots then it’s fun to move on and drool over the eye catching pretty styled images. Enjoy part two of this series, where I share how I pick the right props to go with different foods

How to Photograph Food with your iPhone by Pamela SmerkerPamela Smerker is a wife, mom and blogger with a passion for baking, photography and entertaining. She is the creator and author of Fronie Mae Bakes, a food blog dedicated to her late grandmothers, where she shares recipes and entertaining inspiration. Fronie Mae Bakes website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter