When you have a DIY bride, you know you will have plenty of detail photos to take.  This was the case with one of my recent weddings.  Lisa was meticulous about every detail for her wedding day.  The favor she put together for guests of the wedding were succulents that came from a larger succulent her new groom bought for her while on a weekend trip together.  She has gorgeous handwriting and is known for writing fun stuff on chalkboards, so of course that had to be done for her own wedding reception.  

As a photographer for this type of bride, it's paramount to capture the details.  She spent time putting so much together and she'll want to remember her hard work.  So I made sure to take pictures of everything.  Here's a good sampling of what you should take pictures of when there is so much around you!  As you're looking at the images in this post, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Shoot from different angles.  Don't always shoot from your eye level.  Get down where the object is or get close it.  Walk around the object.
  • Allow only the detail you want to be the focus of your image.  This is when it's great to have a macro lens or a lens that can shoot wide open and create some good bokeh.  Open your lens wide, focus and enjoy!
  • If you're outside, watch for how the light hits your object so you can photograph it without harsh sunlight or shadows.
  • Take lots of detail shots.  When you think you've taken enough, take more.  These details were chosen for a reason.  Help your couple remember the details of their day by capturing not just the people, but also the details.



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