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Creating Magical Images From Any Location Part Two

A few weeks ago, we looked at some interesting final image and pull-back combinations. Since then, I've been working on Part Two of this series and I'm so excited to bring you some more fresh insight to creating beautiful images no matter what your surroundings. Like I've mentioned before, it only takes a small area and the right perspective and you can create beautiful images in places others have passed right over.

Here we have an image from a recent senior session. This was while we were shooting downtown and had just finished shooting in an alley filled with paintings. As we came out, I knew the light was beautiful here, and it would make for a simple but striking portrait. On one side of her, there were parked cars and on the other side of her there was a broken down truck and family. So for this image, I shot vertically between the two. I was able to do a few different poses here and they will make a pretty set of images in her session. 

For this next example, the final image is of another beautiful senior girl surrounded by lush green leaves tinged with red in places. The colors are lovely here and compliment her skin and hair well. Now, looking at the pull-back here, you can see this is nothing more than a small tree on a sidewalk. This is less than a block from the previous example.

For this next example, we only had to move across the street from the previous example. I placed her in the corner here and used the lines of the brick as part of the composition of this image. The lines work well in leading your eye to the subject. You can see from the pull-back image how I placed her against the wall. In this case, the pull-back image is also a final image from this session.


For these previous two examples, we moved back out into the street for a few moments, with assistants watching for traffic. You can see from the pull-back image that this is just a normal street, just before sunset and the lamps had begun to turn on.

Here for our next example, we were actually in the same parking lot as the first example in this article. Against the brick wall, there are a few trees. At first glance, this location might be easy to overlook, but I use it quite frequently now and it produces lovely, lush images. You can see that I will both place my subject in the trees themselves, as well as in front of the trees. When the subject is placed within the trees, some foreground interest is created. When the subject is placed in front of the trees, they function as a lovely background.

Here, we have a lovely image of a little girl in a beautiful yellow dress, looking up at a stunning wall of vines extending up a pretty, yellow wall. As you can see from the pull-back, the yellow wall is actually the side of a house and the vines extend over a fence between the house and a neighboring business.

Here is another example from the same location, this time with my subject sitting and I included only the lush greens of the vines as background. 

What is interesting about this location, is it also offers a completely different style. As you can see from the pull-back, this area behind a local gas station is home to both the vines and the tires seen in these three previous examples. This would make a great location for a portion of a senior session because it offers such variety in one place and two outfits could easily be used. 

I hope these examples help you begin to really see the world around you, and everything it has to offer. Happy exploring! 

Note: All of these fabulous edits were achieved using Pretty Presets.  Most edited with Summer Limited Edition Collection, Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow, Pretty Presets Workflow and Perfect Portrait Brushes.

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My name is Jesse Blake and I am a photographer based out of Billings, Montana. I believe life as a photographer is about finding and celebrating the good in the world, in ourselves, and in others. 

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