Time Management Apps for Photographers

As business owners, we know how hard it is to be your own boss. The most difficult thing is managing your time in order to get things done successfully. Here are nine apps that can help make your valuable time more successful!

These first five are list managers. Each one is a little bit different and will help in different ways. Try them out and see which one works best for your process.

1. If you like writing out your list completely and then concentrating on my task at a time, Taasky is going to be the one for you. It allows different categories of lists and is set up to allow you to have the top priority as a main option. This is the best way to be able to work through your list and truly focus on the first item.

2. Clear is an app that is perfect if you constantly have a lot of tasks on your to do list, especially if they change priority often. It has separate lists available that have a beautiful ombre effect. It's also perfect if you have a Mac and iOS device in order to keep them all synced together.

3. If your to do lists end up needing to be carefully scheduled for each day, Any.DO is going to be perfect for your life. It allows you to organize your list in categories and also assign tasks to Today, Tomorrow, Someday and other specific days. It's also easy to keep it synced amongst all of your Chrome items.

4. Native to your iPhone is the amazing Reminders app. It will allow you to keep track of all sorts of items and lists, works with Siri for when you are on the road and can't type and also provides the ability to have your phone remind you when you are leaving or arriving at a location. 

5. Another app that is automatically included with your iPhone and is severally underutilized is the Clock app. Not only will it help wake you up in the morning, but it also includes a timer and stopwatch. Both of these are great ways to manage your time and allow you to work through larger projects in smaller chunks of time. 

6. To keep even more control over your day in chunks of time, take a look at 30/30! It's a newer app that I've just started using and I am head over heels. This will allow you to work through tasks in 30 minute periods of time (you can adjust the timing if need be). Talk about a great way to manage the days to come!

7. If looking at a schedule of your day and seeing it broken out into periods of time is the best way to keep track of your day, Toggl is going to be amazing for you. Especially if you do work hourly for others, this is a great way to keep track of everything that you do.

8. I'm sure that you have heard of Evernote. If not, it's something you need to check out! Keeping track of projects, lists, items you find while out and about and having it all at your fingertips is a fantastic way to manage everything that you need to do, have done and hope to do.

9. This last app is a little bit different than the other apps but is just as helpful for time management. Now that tax season is coming up again, I know that you may be thinking about finally keeping track of your mileage. This app is the way to keep your mileage, times and miles driven all in one place and easy to use. This will save time when tax season comes around next year so you don't have to dig for the pieces of paper you wrote the information down. Enjoy Trip Cubby!

What apps do you use for your own time management that we haven't listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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