6 Posing Solutions for Every Photographer

Photography Posing

6 Posing Solutions for Every Photographer

In the past, before my sessions, I would look for fun poses that fit my client.  I would then get to the session and remember about 20% of them.  I finally started writing down different ideas to carry with me.

However, not everything can be solved by writing it down.  What happens when your client chooses a location that doesn't inspire you?  Or what if you client wants to take their pictures out on main street and you have to work around other people too?  I'm hoping these posing guide ideas and solutions will be helpful to you this year.

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1. Free Posing Guides at Pretty Presets

We have several FREE resources for you right here from Pretty Presets!  We have these amazing posing guides available for your use at these links:

These helpful posing guides are downloadable and completely FREE!

Posing Guides

2. Free Posing Guides on Pinterest

Pinterest is another great place to find lots of great posing ideas.  Check out our posing guide board.  We also have a board specifically for posing engaged couples and we will continue to add more posing ideas for you.

I have found Pinterest to be a great source of posing inspiration and I'm sure you will too!

Posing People

3. Posing Apps

There are many posing apps available for use on your mobile phone.  Here is a list of our top 5 mobile posing apps for photographers and why we love them!

Photo Posing Techniques

4. What if Your Client Picks a Boring Location?

Are you stuck taking photos at a boring location that you client chose?  Check out these great posts on making the best of a less than ideal location:

Person Posing

5. How to Find the Perfect Photoshoot Location

Looking for a location?  Not sure where to go?   Check out this great post:  How to Find Great Photography Locations Near Me.

    6. Are You Taking Photos in Public?

    Do your clients want to take pictures out in public?  If so, check out these helpful tips:  6 Tips to Photographing Your Clients in Public.

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      Posing isn't easy and certainly take a lot of practice, but these posing guide ideas and solutions should help you improve your posing skills this year!

      Do you have any questions or comments about our list of Photography Posing Solutions?   Leave us a comment below - we would LOVE to hear from you!  And PLEASE SHARE this post using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)!

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