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20+ Photography Tutorials to Help You Learn the Camera Basics

Sometimes knowing where to begin with your camera is the hardest part.  We all have to start somewhere and this is definitely the place to start!  You can do it! No more excuses. <3

Camera Basics

  1. What Digital Camera Should I Buy
  2. Understanding Shutter Speed and ISO
  3. What are Aperture and Shutter Speed
  4. What is White Balance?
  5. RAW and JPEG: The Lowdown
  6. RAW vs. JPEG
  7. What Are You Scared Of? Tackle the Exposure Triangle
  8. Mastering Manual Mode: Getting it Right In Camera (Webinar+Notes)
  9. Exposure Modes (Free Cheat Sheet)
  10. Manual Mode: Where to Start? (Free Cheat Sheet)
  11. Exposure Cheat Sheet (Free Printable)
  12. Learn to Read Your Camera Lens (Free Cheat Sheet)
  13. 3 Quick Tips to Caring for Your Memory Cards
  14. 4 Tips for Sharper Images
  15. Manual Focus for Sharper Images
  16. 6 On-Camera Flash Tips
  17. How Can Spot Metering Help You?
  18. Back Button Focusing Tips
  19. Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor: Which One is Right For You
  20. Camera Basics: Sharper Photos in Camera (Free Printable)
  21. Camera Basics: BokehTips (Free Printable) 
  22. Bokeh Tips and Tricks
  23. 15 Items that Belong in Your Camera Bag
  24. Lens Hoods-When, Why, and How to Use Them

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