How to Turn Your Logo or Text into a Photoshop Brush

how to make a logo brush in photoshop

Do you spend too much time opening and placing your logo or copyright text on each and every image before putting them online?

In this tutorial, I will show you an easy way to turn your current logo or text into a Photoshop brush preset so you can easily "stamp" your watermark on each image before saving for web use!  This is a HUGE timesaver!

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How to Turn a Logo into a Photoshop Brush

Okay, so let's get started with a Photoshop logo brush.  First, open your logo in Photoshop.  Keep in mind your logo can be on any color background - transparent, white, black, etc.

Next, go to the top menu bar, select Edit>Define Brush Preset.  Make sure to name your preset so you can use it in again in the future.  After naming your brush preset, press OK.  You will notice that your brush will automatically appear on your screen, and it will look exactly like the logo.

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To add your logo to am image, open your image in Photoshop.  Click on your photograph tab.  I usually recommend to stamp your logo on a layer rather than directly onto the background of your image, mainly because it would be difficult to change your stamp later on.  To do that, create a new layer by going down to the bottom of the layers panel and clicking on the little square with the folded up tab.

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Once the new layer is open, make sure your brush opacity is set to 100%, and just click on your image wherever your want your logo to be applied.  Keep in mind, you can make your logo/brush larger or smaller by using the left and right bracket icons.

If you have your foreground color at the bottom of your tools panel set to white, your logo color should be white, which in most cases is good.  If your logo is not white and you want it to be, you can simply double click on the top color square, select white and press okay.

How to Make Logo Brushes for Photoshop

If the logo is a little bit more bold than you had wanted, you can reduce that by bringing down your layer opacity a bit, until you are happy with the results.

You can also easily resize and move your logo to another area of your image if you wish using the move tool, located in your tools panel.  Super simple.

The next time you want to use the logo brush that you just created, choose the Brush Tool.  In the menu options at the top of Photoshop, click on the down arrow next to your brush selector and choose your logo brush from the brush options.

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How to Turn Text into a Photoshop Brush

Next, let's go over how to turn simple text into a Photoshop Brush that you can also use to easily stamp your images.

First, go to File>New.  We need to work in pixels, so if you see inches or something else, click on your dropdown and select pixels.  Note: we can't really make make your file too big or too small, so start by making it 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels.  You can crop this later to match your text perfectly.  Set your resolution to be 300 and your background content can be white.  Then press Okay.

Create Text Brush Photoshop

Next, grab your text tool in the tools panel, and select a font style and size that you like.  For this tutorial, I am just going to use something simple.  If you can't see your text as you start typing, you probably have your text color set to white.  This is easy to fix, just click on your text color box and select black or whatever color you want your text to be.

Go ahead and type in the copywrite text you want (i.e. photography name, website address, etc.)  When you are done typing, click on it and drag it towards the middle of the square.

Next, select the Photoshop crop tool in the tools panel and try to crop in pretty tight around the text.  When you are done click enter.

How to Make a Photoshop Brush from an Image

Now, to turn this copywrite text into a brush preset you will need to follow the same steps we talked about above for the logo brush.

Go to Edit and select Define Brush Preset.  Name your preset - in my example I will name it running text brush.  Then go back to your image and click on the brush.  If you don't see your text automatically appear on your image, make sure to go up to the top, click on the dropdown and select your brush tool.  Also, don't forget to create a new layer before you stamp your text on the image.

Brush Text Photoshop

Just as you did with the logo, you can also make this text/brush larger or smaller using the left and right bracket keys.  Then just click on the image to have the text that you created appear there.

That's it! I hope you truly enjoyed this tutorial.  Your new Photoshop logo and text brushes should now be super, super simple, easy to use and save you tons of time!

For those of you who are more visual learners here is a video tutorial covering the same steps I described above:

How to Turn Your Logo or Text into a Photoshop Brush - Video Tutorial


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