How Photographers Can Make a Great First Impression

Making a Good First Impression: 4 Tips for Photographers

How to Make a Great First Impression with Photography Clients

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of having a STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE in all areas or your photography business. This includes:

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We live in an age of shortcuts and textese.  And, as a business person I understand time is money.  Yes, most of us want to capitalize on every minute, saving time wherever we can.  However, excellent content and format is NOT the place to cut corners.

I can’t tell you how many photography websites I have visited once and NEVER returned to because of poor editing, both in photos and written content.

Your website, blog, Instagram and Facebook pages are an extension of yourself, your work and the first representation you give of yourself to potential clients and others.  Do you really want to give the impression that you are sloppy because you can't take the time to thoroughly edit your content?  Most visitors will think, sloppy content equals sloppy photography work and will never hire you.

Here are 4 tips to help make a GREAT first impression to potential photography clients and show them you have an excellent product and service:

Photography How to Make a Good Impression

1. Edit, Edit, Edit

Thoroughly edit your work before you publish it.  If you are not a good editor of content, find someone who is and have them review your content for you.  I’m the editor for a large website that has over 20 contributing authors.  Their job is to write well, my job is to make sure it’s perfect.  Do your work well and then, if needed, find someone to make it PERFECT.

make a good impression by sharing your best photos

2. Post Your Best Photos

To give a great first impression, only post your best-of-the-best photos and create good content to go with it.  Unless you’re specifically showcasing the improvement you have made in your photography career, or something similar, leave the duds for the closet.  Or the kindling.

3. Create Interesting Content

Don’t try to be someone you’re not, but do try to post photos and content that others will find interesting.  Do you have a great technique to capture backlight or really know how to coax a smile out of the most stubborn photography subjects?  Do share!

Do you have a thousand photos that you shot of your adorable kid?  A personal family album might be more well-suited.

How to make a good impression for photographers

4. Never Stop Learning, Growing, and Challenging Yourself

As a writer who has written for a long time, I have never stopped challenging myself to learn new words, explore new ideas, create original content when it seems the well has run dry, push the boundaries, and learn, learn, learn.

As a photographer, there is no end to the skill and experience that you can add to your growing tool belt.  If you’re in a rut, challenge yourself to excel in a new facet of photography, or excel afresh in an old one.

Make sure that whatever you do, you DO IT WITH EXCELLENCE; excellence in skill, business, quality, marketing, and content.  And never stop growing, learning, and improving!

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