8 Quick Tips for Building Your Photography Facebook Page

8 Tips to Build Your Photography Facebook Page

Do you want to have more interaction on your fan page? Are you looking for an increase in engagement? Do you want to have a great page that many people come to every day? If you want these things, you are going to have to put some work into it. But mostly it comes down to having very interesting content that people will want to come back to again and again. You want to create content that makes people want to like, comment and share. So here are some ideas on how you can do exactly that.

Here are 8 simple ways you can build your fan page:

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1. Ask questions

In general, they should be questions that are fairly easy to answer to ensure more people are willing to answer them. You can ask a specific question, a yes or no question, a timely question (ie. About current events) or maybe fun questions. You could even ask questions about their experiences or preferences. You can tailor these questions for your photography niche or every now and then you can just ask a general question to build the engagement on your page.

2. Use great photos

For a photography business, this is even more important than for other pages, although all pages do well with great photos. You know the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, this is definitely true on Facebook. A great photo or image will jump out of the Newsfeed and catch the user’s attention. Take some time to find or create some great images and share them regularly on your page. Judge how well they do by the reactions and your Insights and it will help you know what to post more of in the future.

3. Know when to post

It’s also important that you know when the best times to post are. This is now easier than it ever was before because Facebook Insights will give you stats about when people are on your page the most. You can use this data to help you determine when people will be the most active on Facebook and on your page and post your best content then. You will need to be sure you recheck the stats periodically (maybe once a month or so) to see if they change so you can adjust accordingly). 

4. Host a contest

Another fun way to build your fan page is to host a contest. Facebook has now made this easier than ever before since you are not required to have a 3rd party app to have a Facebook contest. There are still rules surrounding the contests and what you are allowed to do so make sure you follow them. But since it’s easier now, it takes a lot of the stress out of the process. A great contest to start with is a photo caption contest.

5. Use Your Call to Action

It’s also important to remember to use your Call to Action. If you want someone to like a post, ask them to. Don’t be spammy about it but crafty CTAs like “Like if you ___” are very useful in getting that engagement up. Experiment with different ways of doing this to see what works best for your fans.

6. Know How Often to Post

Statistics have shown that there is benefit to knowing how often to post. In general, 2-5 times a day is good but for some fanpages, 5 times will be way too frequent. If the page does not a large, interactive community this could be too many postings for one day. Smaller communities will want to stick to 1-3 postings a day. And remember that it’s really all about the quality of the post anyway.

7. Try Out Facebook Ads

Some people are afraid of using Facebook Ads that they can be very beneficial to boosting your page. There are different types of ads that you can use for different purposes. Take some time to learn more about Facebook ads and how they might help you to boost your page and maintain your page over time.

8. Make Sure all your bio info is filled out

As a follow up to creating the page, always make sure all of the About and Bio information is filled out and up to date. Check it frequently to make sure it’s still relevant and also because Facebook sometimes updates to add new fields. 

    So now you have it- 8 simple ways to build your fan page. There’s always more you can continue to learn to help you grow your page but these steps will get you started. Have fun!

    Special thanks to Lisa from Social Media Satisfied for this awesome blog post!

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