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Are Lightroom Presets Cheating?

Are Lightroom Presets the Easy Way Out? | Pretty Presets Lightroom Tutorial

I saw this come up in a conversation in the Pretty Presets Facebook Group the other day.  It isn't the first time I have seen this conversation happen.  So let's address it clearly!

Are Lightroom Presets Cheating?

Absolutely NOT!  What they are is efficient editing!  If you knew a shorter way to divide two numbers would you still copy out the long division each time? Lightroom presets are shortcuts like a calculator is a shortcut.  They save time like a calculator or a computer save an accountant time.  The same result can still be done one slider at a time.  But WHY would you do that?

Time is Valuable!

For each of us, time is a commodity that we can't get more of. We can't purchase it.  We can't duplicate it.  We all have the same amount and we get to choose how to spend it. As business owners and mom's ourselves, we know how valuable time is.  We know you don't have enough of it and we want to help you use what you do have in the most efficient way possible.

Use Pretty Presets as a Tool!

Presets should be used as a tool.  They are tools that can help you edit faster.  They are tools that can help you learn more about the editing software that you use everyday. We would still be in the stone age without tools.  Tools are valuable.

Presets aren't meant as a one-click fix all solution to editing and photography.  You still need to learn your craft and you still need know your software.  They shouldn't be used as a crutch—well, maybe a little if you are new to Lightroom.  But don't let them be that for long.  LEARN!

What are your thoughts?  Are Lightroom presets cheating?

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