One of the most frequently asked questions we get in our private facebook group is "How do I export from Lightroom to web, for print, to facebook, etc".  We're excited to share this awesome exporting PDF with you.  We hope it will be an awesome resource for you as you export from Lightroom.  You can right-click on the image and save or you can click on the button and it will instantly download to your computer for you.  Enjoy!

Export Location

When exporting, you will be asked to choose where you would like your imaged to be exported and stored to.

File Naming

You can rename the file to an event, session or shoot name.  You can also title it for the name of the client or export type (facebook, print, web).

File Settings

  • File format: choose between TIF, JPG, PSD, or original file type.  I choose JPG for this.
  • Color space: if you are printing at an online lab or a brick-and-mortar lab, you need to change this to sRGB. If you are printing at home, check with your printer's manual and choose the color space it specifies.
  • Quality:  Please put it at 100 and don't move it. You want this at 100% for the best possible quality for your image and for your clients, too!

Image Sizing

  • Exporting for Print: When exporting for print, you want the resolution to be at 240 or 300. I wouldn't recommend changing the size here, rather use the crop tool in the Develop panel for that.

  • Exporting for Web: When exporting for the internet, you want to reduce the resolution down to 72. You can also reduce the width and height of the images to fit certain parameters. For instance if your blog only allows 900 pixels wide, you set that as your long edge.

  • Exporting for Facebook: The largest you can go is 2048 pixels wide or high. If your images are larger than that, Facebook will "scrunch" them down, which leads to not-so-great looking images.

Exporting Cheat Sheet For Lightroom

Lightroom Export Cheat Sheet

Exporting Cheat Sheet For Lightroom

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Lightroom Export Cheat Sheet


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