Wedding Photography: Creating Memories that Last a Lifetime

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Creating memories is not an easy task; it requires dedication, talent, and good communication skills. The demand for wedding photographers is higher than ever, but with so many choices on the market, couples can get overwhelmed and make the mistake of choosing the cheaper option. This becomes a problem when they don’t get the photos they expected after their wedding.

The Importance of Wedding Photography

A wedding is a special day that people want to capture and remember forever. A good photographer will try to get great shots of the couple and guests as they are relaxing and enjoying some happy moments.

Besides the participants, a photographer takes photographs of the chapel, rings, cake, and other items included in a wedding. However, it is not all about having a few simple pictures to present, if you want to be a true professional, you have to think about a lot of little details. The background, angles, and colors – it all matters!

What a Wedding Photographer Should Do

Before accepting the job, a photographer should meet with potential wedding clients. From there on, he or she can discuss the wedding details and the bridal style. This conversation will determine the type of photography the clients prefer and expect to see.

After the confirmed deal, proficient photographers will research the venue and check it out weeks in advance of the wedding day. A wedding photographer arrives before everyone, with someone who will assist them.

After setting up the equipment, taking photos can begin with shots of the preparation, the bridal gown, bridesmaids and groomsmen and other parties joining the wedding.

The wedding photographer captures the environment and emotion before and during the celebration, until the party starts coming to an end.  Some of the crucial moments that need to be captured include the father giving the bride away, the couple’s first kiss, first dance, and cutting of the cake. For these pictures to be perfect, you need a trained eye and quick, precise reactions.

At an average wedding, a photographer takes hundreds of photos. Many will be unusable due to a lack of focus or sudden movement. To improve the picture quality and give the newlyweds priceless memories, photographers can use the helping hand of wedding photo editing services.

Image retouching is an essential part of providing the best image quality. Although some photographers choose to do it themselves, busy professionals can outsource this type of service to have the time to focus on more important things.

Wedding Photography Tips - Pretty Photoshop Actions

Avoid Common Wedding Mistakes

Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. Errors exist to broaden our views and teach us how to be better. There are several mistakes that can occur, even to well-known wedding photographers, which should be avoided:

  • Not knowing the schedule – The photographer must speak with the client openly and determine the date of the wedding and the schedule for the day.
  • Not asking for references – To determine the style that the client is going for, ask for a reference and the kind of pictures that the future bride and groom like.
  • Not being on time – Respect the schedule and be on time, preferably before the invitees.
  • Not removing the obstacles – In this day and age, it is common for family and friends to try and shoot “professional” photos with their smartphones and quality cameras. However, this may cause a problem for a hired photographer, as it can be difficult to take a good shot of the important moments when people are crowding you. Feel free to tell the guests to step down and enjoy the event.
  • Taking too much time – An average photographer will distract the newlyweds when he shoots photos, but a great one will immortalize artistic portraits using up as little of their time as possible.
  • Looking too serious or even gloomy – When you are at a party, be free to take a moment and embrace the atmosphere, and put a big smile on your face. 
  • Not having an assistant – A second pair of hands is useful for getting help with the equipment and it’s always nice to have someone there to give you another point of view.
  • Not getting any shots of the newlyweds before the ceremony – Many photographers focus on taking pictures after the ceremony. However, it is better to take portraits before the wedding than rushing the process later.
  • Forgetting the specifics – Take a moment to decide on the important details that will make your photography stand out.

Wedding Photography Tips - Pretty Photoshop Actions

The Education Requirements for a Successful Career

Good photography is more than taking pictures with a fancy camera. A formal education is desirable, as a future photographer can learn all the essential techniques, different aspects of professional photography, how to deal with lighting and its importance, how to create a nice composition and the proper ways of using photography equipment.

On the other hand, it is possible to become a good photographer if one possesses the drive and concentration to complete the needed training. Some apply for a short photography course, but in reality, you’ll need more than just a few classes to get really good.

In addition, for those who are aiming to be recognized by their unique style, it is vital to start building a portfolio early on. The portfolio should showcase only your finest work and be updated after every photo shooting session.

The Equipment Requirements

Wedding photographers who run their own business must have appropriate equipment, which includes:

Creating memories that last a lifetime means being an artist who captures the right moments when people look relaxed and natural. Wedding photography is a hard and demanding job, but a worthy experience. A prominent photographer will always have work and continuous booking. Most importantly, he will build a portfolio full of exceptional images to show to potential clients.

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